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At Soka54, we pride ourselves in providing independent and extensive coverage of African soccer. The website was founded in 2023 by like-minded football fans who felt African soccer isn’t represented enough compared to other continents, especially Europe.

We aim to provide coverage of all 54 African leagues and players. We’ll also cover players of African origin who ply their trade in other countries.

Our content is created and fact-checked by our reliable editorial team. We also accept contributions from our fans as long as they meet our editorial requirements.

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Soka54 Authors, Editors, and Contributors

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John Denis

John is a lifelong football fan who has been following local football leagues in Africa for quite a long time. He is knowledgeable in football and has also written for various major publications in East Africa.

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A regular contributor from Kenya who covers the Kenyan Premier League as well as profiles of footballers of African origin.

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