10 Popular Football Prediction Apps (Updated in 2024)

Before placing a football bet, you need to get the most accurate statistics about the match. The information will enable you to determine which team has a better chance of winning or which markets will give you a decent return.

In that regard, the best way to determine this is to use football prediction apps. Football prediction apps are designed to provide users with predictions of upcoming matches based on statistical analysis, team performance indicators, and other relevant factors. 

Additionally, the apps offer features such as live commentary, live streaming, and coverage of a wide range of football competitions, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League. 

But which are the most popular football prediction apps? We’ve compiled this list based on the scores and reviews of these apps on Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

1. AiScore

AiScore Football App
AiScore not only has a nice interface, but it is also the fastest prediction app you’ll find. Image: AiScore
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Live Scores, Match Details, Statistics, Notifications, Tables, Fixtures, H2H

AiScore provides live sports scores, statistics, and football, basketball, baseball, hockey, American football, and tennis schedules.

It is also the best football predictions app because it covers all aspects of a match and shows you the percentages of possible outcomes across various markets. 

Besides predictions, AiScore offers in-depth coverage of live scores, goals, red or yellow cards, head-to-head comparisons, and other important statistics at top speed.

Apart from its chat feature that allows you to connect and share tips, AiScore is your ideal prediction app if you prefer using AI to predict football games.

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2. BetsWall

BetsWall football prediction app
The developers behind Betswall claim it has an 84% win rate. Image: BetsWall
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Live Soccer Scores, Match Statistics, Lineups, Tables, Team Forms, Notifications

BetsWall is one of the best football prediction apps to download now. It is a free football, basketball, and tennis betting support application that offers several tools to help users increase their chances of winning a bet. 

The app uses artificial intelligence software to make predictions with a win rate of over 84%. Users can follow their competitors and track their coupons easily.

They can follow up on live soccer scores, match statistics, match lineups, standing tables, and team forms and set their favourite matches to receive notifications of all match events.

3. BetMines

BetMines prediction app
Find reliable football tips from the best user community on the BetMines app. Image: BetMines
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Predictions, Statistics, Betting Tips, User Community

BetMines provides betting tips, team statistics analysis, and predictions based on football statistics data. The app offers fast performance and a user-friendly interface. 

BetMines has a thriving community of over 1 million users. Users can interact, share insights, and discuss strategies on specific games or betting markets.

You can also follow users with a higher win percentage and copy their bets to improve your chances of winning. 

4. Bullet Bet

Bullet Bet football prediction app
Bullet Bet has over 200 leagues that you can choose from. Image: Bullet Bet
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Fixtures, Standings, Top Scorers, Odds, Live Scores, Statistics, News, Predictions

Bullet Bet uses Artificial Intelligence to provide football match statistics and predictions for over 200 football leagues.

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The app also offers features such as the best statistics and matches of the day. 

You should consider using Bullet Bet for football predictions if you want to leverage AI-based insights to inform your betting decisions. 

5. Forebet

Forebet football prediction app
Forebet provides football predictions for over 700 leagues. Image: Facebook/Forebet
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Match Predictions, Team Analysis, Head-to-Head, Live Scores, Fixtures, Results

Forebet is one of the most popular football prediction apps on the market right now.

The app predicts football matches based on statistics, complex algorithms, and a vast database of football data.

Forebet has data from over 700 leagues, which it has collected over the past 15 years. Thus, most of its predictions are accurate, especially the Over/Under markets. 

Besides predictions, Forebet allows you to view team form, results of a team’s last five or more games, H2H statistics, weather outlook, and bookmark matches for easier access.

All these features make it easier for you to determine the outcome of a match.

6. TipsTop

TIPSPOT football prediction app
Get reliable predictions and tipster services on TIPSPOT. Image/TIPSPOT
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Community, Tipster Service, Predictions, Odds Comparison, Statistics, Bankroll

TipsTop is a sports betting app that provides football predictions, statistics, and value bets.

You can access many features on the app, including betting predictions, tracking bets with a bankroll director, following tipsters, and accessing reliable betting predictions and statistics.

TipsTop also offers betting stats for other sports, including basketball, rugby, tennis, handball, hockey, and volleyball, if you want to expand your betting slip.

TipsTop has a community of certified and free tipsters who offer the best betting tips for the day or week.

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You can follow your favourite tipster to save time on data analysis and predictions.

7. BetAnaliz

BetAnaliz football prediction app
According to its developers, BetAnaliz provides AI-based predictions with an 85% accuracy. Image: AppStore
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Predictions, Statistics, Match Analysis, Odds Comparison

BetAnaliz is an artificial intelligence-based football prediction and statistics application designed to make betting for football enthusiasts a breeze.

BetAnaliz gives you predictions by considering factors such as H2H statistics, home and away forms, the general character of the league, and missing players. The app prides itself in offering predictions of up to 85% accuracy!

Besides predictions, you can use BetAnaliz to get live scores, add matches to your favourites section, and receive notifications.

8. Sports Insider

Sports Insider prediction app
While SportsInsider offers free predictions, it has a premium tier with even more tips, odds, and tricks. Image: Sports Insider
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Predictions, Lineups, Statistics

Unlike other apps, Sports Insider provides users up to five free soccer predictions, basketball tips, and tennis tips with high odds from bookmakers.

The application offers an in-depth analysis of over 200 competitions. If you need to make fast bets, you can rely on their experts for accurate predictions based on analysis of a large amount of data, including player availability. 


OLBG prediction app
Find the best free tips on the OLBG prediction app. Image: OLBG
  • Price: Free
  • Features: Betting Tips, Community, Fixtures, Live Scores

OLBG (Online Betting Guide) provides free tips from thousands of expert tipsters across various sports, including football. The app aims to help punters find the best bets and improve their betting experience. 

OLBG has many features that make betting easy. For example, it has a parlay builder that allows you to create parlays across multiple sports, hot tipsters, and a handicappers section that allows you to follow specific tipsters or handicappers for tip alerts.

OLBG also enhances in-app betting. In other words, you can compare odds from different bookmakers and place bets directly from the app.

10. Tipster Chat

Tipster Chat prediction app
Tipster Chat, just like the name suggests, offers a platform for tipsters to share ideas and strategies. Image: Tipster Chat
  • Price: Free
  • Features: User Community, Notifications

Tipster Chat offers an online marketplace where professional tipsters can offer other users the best football bets for the day. 

Punters can also access valuable information from tipsters with a high winning percentage in many other sports events, including tennis, basketball, and Esports. 

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