Does Startimes show English Premier League matches

The English Premier League runs from August to May, with teams playing 38 matches staged on home and away grounds.

Satellite TV providers such as StarTimes are among the companies with the rights to air matches in Kenya. The TV provider offers various international and local channels catering to everyone’s interests.

Can you watch English Premier League matches on StarTimes? Yes, StarTimes broadcasts EPL matches, but not all of them.

The company only offers limited broadcast and airing of EPL matches. In this article, discover which StarTimes channels broadcast EPL matches.

StarTimes EPL matches

Chinese electronics and media company StarTimes is among the list of companies offering satellite and digital terrestrial television in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company launched in Kenya in 2012 and cemented its place among other satellite TV providers when the country transitioned from analog to digital services.

World Football HD is among the channels on StarTimes that show Premier League games.

However, viewership is highly restricted, with the channel limited to Manchester United and Arsenal, depending on match days.

Other channels like ESPN occasionally showcase English Premier League matches on StarTimes. Additionally, there are other local channels, such as K24, where EPL fans can watch football on StarTimes.

However, viewing is highly restricted to Saturdays and depends on K24’s choice of match to air on that particular weekend.

Therefore, viewers might miss their favorite football league’s StarTimes shows that weekend.

Consider StarTimes alternatives for better EPL coverage

StarTimes has limited TV rights to broadcast EPL games; therefore, you’ll miss out on some big games. Therefore, consider other alternatives if you are an avid follower of the English Premier League matches.

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StarTimes alternatives that show English Premier League games are:


DSTV logo
DSTV is one of the best alternatives for football fans. Image: DSTV

Multichoice Africa is among the best sports and entertainment providers in Kenya. DSTV is slightly more expensive than other contemporary satellite television providers.

However, unknown to many, Multichoice Africa offers some sensible DSTV packages dedicated to sports to quench the demand of the English Premier League fans.

At affordable rates of between KES 6,500 to as little as KES 3,900 per month, DSTV offers access to channels tailored to broadcasting EPL, UEFA Champions League, Europa, La Liga, and Bundesliga matches.

DSTV is one of the best alternatives for football fans wishing to view or follow their favorite team’s English Premier League matches regardless of the match day.

2. GOtv

GOTV logo
GOtv’s Supa Plus and Max Bouquet offer English Premier League matches. Image: GOTV

GOTV is another satellite television provider that is a subsidiary of Multichoice Africa. The company was launched to cater to middle and low-earning households.

At only KES 3,500 and KES 1,500 per month, GOTV Supa Plus and Max Bouquet offer access to English Premier League matches.

You can watch EPL matches on the SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport Select 3, SS Football Africa, and SuperSport Select 1 channels.

Other channels include SuperSport Select 2 and SuperSport Blitz, where viewers can watch English Premier League matches of their favorite teams.

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