How to get football trials in South Africa

Silvester Gachinga

Millions of children in Africa aspire to play on the global stage. However, before achieving this fete, one of the ways to hone your talent before you become an elite footballer is to do football trials.

A football trial is an evaluation procedure in which young soccer players display their skills and talent to coaches and scouts from professional teams.

So, how are football trials in South Africa done? In South Africa, you should join a football academy to do football trials since they offer training programs to develop grassroots football. 

Here are detailed steps explaining how to participate in football trials in South Africa.

1. Identify the soccer academy within South Africa you wish to join

Augusto Palanciaos Apprentice Academy. Image: Facebook/Augusto Palanciaos Apprentice Academy

This step can be done with a Google search to find the academy within your locality that fits your best interests and within your budget needs.

Some of the football clubs in South Africa, such as Kaizer Chiefs FC, have academies that offer training programs aimed at nurturing young, talented footballers.

Cape Town and Johannesburg host numerous football academies, including Cape Town City Trials and Young Bafana Soccer Academy.

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2. Check out whether they currently have any open trails available

Most academies regularly host open trials where those wishing to join can participate.

International football trials are often announced via social media forums such as the Chelsea FC South Africa Soccer Trials and the SA Soccer Trials page.

However, before sending online football registrations or attending any trials, one must possess a passion for football and good technical ability. You also need to be physically fit and pass all medical requirements.

Most football trials in South Africa scout talent between the ages of 9 and 21. However, these criteria also differ from one academy to another. It’s also worth noting that adult football trials are subjected to different club policies.

Academy players can only earn a stipend during their junior careers and can only receive a professional contract after turning 17 years old.

3. Reach out to the football academy

Thirdly, you can reach out to or contact the football academy through their telephone address, sending your intent to request to join.

Check instructions on their website or ask how to join and how much they charge to enter the academies. Most academies charge a membership fee of R1500 per player, or $100 for African players outside South Africa.

The academy also charges fees for purchasing football kits, coaching, and other services.

Fees for football academies differ. For example, BSI Football Academy charges 110,000 Rand annually, including formal soccer education.

4. Join professional clubs through scouting or referrals

How can one get football trials in South Africa for free? There are other ways aspiring footballers can get into academies without paying through talent identification by scouts in trials.

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NGO-sponsored affiliate academies offer scholarships for talented players scouted from their trials.

Clubs conduct annual academy trials, and prospective applicants need to be constantly on the lookout by checking academies’ websites for any incoming trials.

Some of the famous football academies in South Africa include:

1. Stars of Africa Football Academy

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the football academy has been a pathway for pro footballers like Luther Singh, Tokelo Anthont Rantie, and Thibang Phete.

2. Young Bafana Soccer Academy

Young Bafana Soccer Academy celebrating
Young Bafana Soccer Academy players celebrate after winning a trophy. Image: Young Bafana Soccer Academy

Young Bafana is a Cape Town-based football academy run by a non-governmental organization. Some of the most notable prospects include Eyona Ndondo, Asanda Dyani, and Keino Davids.

3. Orlando Pirates Youth Academy

Orlando Pirates has one of the most prominent Youth football academies in South Africa. The most notable alums include Lyle Brent Foster, Mbongei Gumede, and Mthokozisi Dube.

Are you interested in joining a football academy? Audition using any of the recommendations above.


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