John Comitis’ Net Worth: Is He the Richest PSL Club Owner?

John Comitis is one of the wealthiest football club owners in South Africa. He is known for co-founding Ajax Cape Town FC and owning Cape Town City FC.

But how did Comitis come into his money, and when and how did he purchase his club? What are some other interesting facts about him?

Below is a detailed look at Comitis’ net worth, business and investments, Cape Town City FC ownership, and more.

He is Worth Approximately $8.7 million

According to Sports Brief, John Comitis’ net worth is around $8.7 million, making him one of the richest PSL club owners.

Although he has not disclosed his earnings, in an interview on PrimeSportsWithMahlatse, the Cape Town City FC owner said he has made more than R120 million in player transfers. 

He Has Made Money as a Professional Football Player

Comitis played for the Wits University football team during his varsity days. He then moved to Europe, where he played professionally for Korinthos, which was in Greece’s Second Division at the time. 

After two years in Europe, he returned to South Africa and joined Hellenic FC. He then joined Cape Town Spurs from Hellenic and briefly played for Vaco da Gama before retiring.

He Launched Cape Town City FC in 2016

John Comitis is the owner of Cape Town City football club
John Comitis is the owner of Cape Town City football club. Image: Facebook/CapeTownCityFC

John Comitis launched Cape Town City FC in 2016 after purchasing the franchise rights for the then-PSL club Mpumalanga Black Aces FC from the Morfou brothers.

After acquiring Black Aces, Comitis closed the club and created Cape Town City FC. He then moved the new club to Cape Town, where it is currently based.

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He Was a Co-Founder of Ajax Cape Town FC

Comitis may be famous for owning Cape Town City FC, but this is not the only club he has owned. 

Before Cape Town City FC, he was the chairman (and one of the owners) of Ajax Cape Town, currently known as Cape Town Spurs FC.

He purchased the original Cape Town Spurs in 1995 with his brother George Comitis and the Efstathiou brothers. 

In 1999, the club merged with Rob Moore’s Seven Stars, which led to the birth of Ajax Cape Town FC.

In the 2010s, the Comitis brothers became embroiled in a struggle with the Efstathiou brothers regarding the club’s management.

The feud resulted in the Comitis brothers selling their share of the club in 2013.

He Has Made Money From Business Dealings

John Comitis is one of the most prominent people in the South African football industry
John Comitis is one of the most prominent people in the South African football industry. Image:Instagram/capetowncityfc

John Comitis’ net worth has also skyrocketed due to his business investments. In 1988 (after returning from playing in Europe), he set up a Steers Franchise in Cape Town.

Over time, the PSL club owner and his family acquired the rights to Steers, Blockbuster Video, Wimpy, and Debonairs franchises in the Western Cape. 

The family created an empire of over 120 stores, which they later sold to the parent company, Famous Brands.

Comitis and his family are also heavily involved in the property market. He is a shareholder in several property companies, including Bell Mall Properties, Rapidough Properties, and Fusion Properties.

John Comitis’ businesses are in several sectors, from real estate to food, entertainment, and more. He is reportedly a director in 11 companies across South Africa.

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As the owner of Cape Town City FC, Comitis is in the football business in South Africa. He and his brother are among the most prominent families involved in the South African football industry.

He Lives in Cape Town

The Cape Town City FC owner is a “proud Capetorian” who has lived in the City since the 1980s. He owns a home in the affluent Fresnaye neighbourhood.

There is not much information about John Comitis’ house, but it was at risk of burning down during the 2006 Table Mountain Fire.

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