Meet Mikel Arteta’s wife, Lorena Bernal, who is an actress and model

Mikel Arteta is a former Barcelona, Arsenal, and Everton midfielder currently holding the Manager role at Arsenal.

Besides excelling in his football career, he is married to former Miss Spain Lorena Bernal, who is also a model and actress.

The Argentine-Spanish beauty has appeared in several Spanish and American movies and modeled for big brands and magazines.

Here is more information about Mikel Arteta’s wife, family, background, and career.

She was born to Argentine and Spanish parents

Lorena Bernal Pascual was born to Argentine and Spanish parents on May 12, 1981, in Tucumán, Argentina.

When she was one year old, she moved with her family to San Sebastián, Spain, and was raised in the city for the rest of her childhood.

She studied at the French Lycée Français de Saint Sebastién in San Sebastián and Maurice Ravel School in Saint Jean de Luz.

As a result of moving and studying in different schools and countries, she is fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

She was enrolled in modeling and acting classes

Lorena Bernal Pascual
Lorena Bernal Pascual. Image:X/SpacewomanR

Who are Lorena Bernal’s parents? Her mother’s name is Mirta Pascual, and she has a few appearances with her daughter in public events.

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She supported her daughter’s passion for fashion and acting by enrolling her in modeling and acting classes. However, there is no information about her father or siblings; she is considered an only child.

She was crowned Miss Spain when she was 17

Lorena Bernal is a professional model, actress, and television host. Her career in modeling started when she moved to America at the age of seven, and she joined drama classes when she was 13.

In 1999, she was crowned Miss Spain when she was 17 but could not represent the country in Miss Universe due to her young age. Instead, she participated in Miss World and was among the ten finalists.

Mikel Arteta’s wife’s acting career involves appearances in several movies and series in Spain and the United States.

She played the role of an international arms dealer in the American television series Chuck and a nanny in the American series CSI: Miami. She has starred in movies like Stiletto, Unnatural Causes, and The Deal.

Lorena’s beauty, multi-talents, and professionalism have made her a recognized figure in the industry.

She did not know Mikel Arteta was a famous footballer when they first met

Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal take a selfie
Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal. Image:X/CEO_CrystalGist

Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal had a wedding ceremony in 2010 in Mallorca, Spain, after dating for six years.

The two met in December 2002 in San Sebastián, Spain, where they grew up. Mikel lived in Glasgow, while Lorena lived in Madrid.

Ironically, Lorena did not know that Mikel was a famous footballer when they met. After a few months of dating and knowing each other, Lorena moved to Glasgow with him and traveled from there to work weekly.

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Mikel Arteta’s wife is also considered Arsenal’s First Lady since her husband is the club’s manager.

She supports her husband and is always seen watching Arsenal games

Lorena supports her husband and has been his best friend and confidante for 13 years. She has been his long-term partner and stood with Mikel during the good and bad times while providing love and support.

When Mikel ended his football career with Arsenal, he told his wife he would return as the manager. Three and a half years later, his dream came true, which surprised her. 

Despite her tight schedule, she finds time to watch Arsenal games, raise her three children, and build a successful career.

In an interview with Arsenal magazine, she said it was challenging, but she is thankful for having a perfect partner in Mikel. 

Lorena Bernal has three children with Mikel

How many children does Mikel Arteta have? Mikel and Lorena have three sons.

Gabriel is the firstborn son, born in 2009, followed by Daniel in 2012. Their third and lastborn son, Oliver, was born in Spain in 2015.

Their children passionately support their father and the Arsenal team and love football as a sport. 

Mikel Arteta’s family lives in London, as Mikel takes charge of the Gunners to win the Champions League.



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