Antonee Robinson’s parents, siblings, ethnicity, and background

Antonee Robinson is a famous American football player at Fulham whose career rose when he started playing for Everton as a youth.

Since then, he has risen through the ranks and played for the United States under 18 and 23 and the United States men’s national soccer team at international levels.

The 26-year-old English-American football player was inspired to play football by his father when he was little.

Read further into the article to learn more about Antonee Robinson, his parents, siblings, and his family background.

He is of English and Jamaican descent

Antonee Robinson’s parents are an African-American father named Marlon Robinson and a Caucasian mother whose name is unknown.

His father was born in England but moved to White Plains, New York, where he was raised with his Jamaican mother. Marlon gained American citizenship during childhood, which he passed down to his son Antonee.

Like most international football players, Antonee’s passion for football was inspired by his father.

Marlon Robinson was an exceptional football player at Duke University’s soccer team between 1981 and 1984 and helped the university advance to the NCAA final in 1982.

Besides being English, Antonie Robinson’s father is also of Jamaican descent through his paternal grandmother.

He was raised in Liverpool, England, by a single parent

Where did Antonee Robinson grow up? The Fulham left-back was born in Milton Keynes, England, but raised in Liverpool in a single-parent family.

It is not uncommon for a USA international footballer to be born and raised in Europe as an American’s son. However, Robinson’s story differs because his father wasn’t born in the U.S. either.

Antonee Robinson  running  at pitch in a stadium full of fans
Antonee Robinson in action for Fulham. Image: X/Ernesto_Tase

Growing up, young Antonee occasionally visited the United States to visit his family.

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He is fond of those family trips, especially those he made to Florida and Texas, where he played for Everton at the Dallas Cup.

He was enrolled at Everton Youth Academy when he was 11

Antonee Robinson was always interested in football, and his father started coaching him when he was five. His father had the habit of nicknaming his young players after famous footballers.

When Antonee was asked to choose a nickname, he didn’t want to be associated with any famous footballer but instead chose the nickname ‘Jedi,’ a character he liked from Star Wars.

In 2008, his father enrolled him at the Everton Academy when he was 11. While at the academy in 2015, he was named Everton’s U-18 Player of the Season.

He suffered a serious knee injury in his debut Everton game

The English-American footballer suffered knee injuries that often saw him on the sidelines.

His trainers and teammates did not have high hopes for him and didn’t see him playing in the Premier League in the future because he had trouble with his knees.

After playing for the Everton youth team for seven years, he signed a contract to become a full-time player for the official Everton F.C. 

The American footballer joined the team when he was 17, making him the youngest Everton player to play for the preseason.

Unfortunately, he suffered a very serious knee injury in his debut game. So serious was it that it required microfracture surgery, a procedure from which some patients never fully recover.

The knee injury was a major obstacle to his career that got him out of the 2015/16 season.

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He recounted that his father always told him that any injury he got would test his mentality, and if you got through it, you would emerge a better player.

Antonee eventually rose to faith with his father’s advice and played in the last three matches of the EFL Trophy. He eventually became a regular player in the Everton U23 matches.

His persistence and skills led him to sign a two-year contract extension with Everton at the end of the 2016/17 season.

He is not related to Miles Robinson

Miles Robinson holding the American flag
Miles Robinson holding the American flag. Image: X/VamosATLUTD

Antonee Robinson’s siblings include his older brother and younger sister, whose names are unknown.

He and his siblings remember when they were children, around 6 or 7, Antonee adopted a fake American accent from watching too much Disney Channel during their childhood.

Most people confuse Miles Robinson and Antonee Robinson as siblings, but when, in fact, they are not. Despite them sharing a surname and playing for the United States National team, the two are not related. 

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