Kobbie Mainoo’s parents: From Ghana to raising a superstar in England

Kobbie Maino is a rising star who has captivated coaches and fans at the club and international levels.

However, even more inspiring are his humble beginnings, with his parents, Felix Maino and Abel Herold, having come to England as immigrants.

 Kobbie Mainoo’s parents are divorced, having split after Kobbie was born, but they did not let their separation derail them from raising their son the right way.

Read more about the footballer’s parents, from their immigration from Ghana to raising Kobbie, their family, marriage, and more.

He is of Ghanian descent

Kobbie Mainoo’s parents’ nationality is Ghanaian. The midfielder’s parents came to England sometime before he was born and have been residents since then.

Felix Mainoo and Abena Herold gave birth to Kobbie on April 19, 2005. He was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, and lived in the town for the entire of his childhood.

Despite being born and raised in England, Kobbie Maino is of Ghanaian descent. As a result, he was eligible to play for the Ghanaian football national team.

Kobbie Maino is of Ghanaian descent.
Kobbie Maino is of Ghanaian descent. Image: Instagram/kobbie

In March 2024, he received his first call-up for England’s senior team, and his imminent debut will make him ineligible for Ghana.

He alternated spending time with his parents after their divorce

One sad reality about Kobbie’s parents is that they are divorced. The couple separated shortly after the football star was born.

After the divorce, Kobbie’s mother, Abena Herold, married Rob Herold and took on her husband’s name.

On the other hand, not much is known about Felix Mainoo’s life after his divorce, but he runs a business in Manchester.

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Although his parents divorced soon after his birth, the Manchester United midfielder was brought up in a loving family. Growing up, he alternated spending time in both his parents’ homes.

When training at Manchester United Academy, Kobbie Mainoo’s parents took turns dropping him off and picking him up from the training grounds.

Despite their divorce, Felix Mainoo and Abena Herold were cordial and united in their efforts to help the youngster excel in his career.

He has two sisters and a half-brother

The football star is not an only child. He has two older sisters, Ama and Efia Mainoo.

Ama Mainoo has a degree in sports management and works as a creative producer, while Efia Mainoo owns a business in Manchester.

Kobbie Mainoo with his mother, Abena Herold, and two sisters, Ama and Efia
Kobbie Mainoo with his mother, Abena Herold, and two sisters, Ama and Efia. Image: YouTube/SPORTS 7 GH

Kobbie Mainoo’s family includes a half-brother, Jordan Mainoo-Hames, Felix’s son from a different partner. Jordan is famous for appearing in the popular UK reality TV show Love Island

He was introduced to football at a young age

When the English midfielder was five, his father took him to Cheadle and Gatley FC academy, a local club in Stockport. Despite his young age, Mainoo had advanced skills that stood out from the other kids.

As a result, his father would repeatedly ask the coach to “push him harder” and challenge him more by having him play in teams with older kids.

After he started playing for Cheadle and Gatley, Kobbie’s performance attracted the attention of big clubs.

One of these clubs was Manchester United, which fast-tracked his training by having him join United’s Centre of Excellence under-6 program.

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After joining United’s Centre of Excellence, the football star left Cheadle and Gatley FC for Failsworth Dynamos. Once again, big clubs came calling, including Manchester City.

However, Kobbie Mainoo committed to Manchester United when he was eight. At 15, he debuted for the club’s Under 18s team before moving on to the first team at 17. 

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