Mduduzi Shabalala salary and net worth in 2024

South African football has seen a significant increase in player salaries in recent years, particularly in the South African Premier League (PSL). One of the players who receive a significant amount is Mduduzi Shabalala.

Mduduzi Shabalala plays for Kaizer Chiefs as a midfielder. He joined the PSL club in June 2022 from the Kaizer Chiefs academy and signed a three-year contract until June 2025.

The contract allows him to earn a weekly salary from Kaizer Chiefs. But what is Mduduzi Shabalala’s salary and his net worth?

Who is Mduduzi Shabalala?

Mduduzi Shabalala is a South African professional footballer. He was born in South Africa on 20 January 2004.

Shabalala joined the Kaizer Chiefs Academy to develop his talent. The team then promoted him to the reserves, where he played football for a while.

Eventually, Kaizer Chiefs signed him to a 3-year deal in 2022 to play for the senior team. Mduduzi Shabalala was only 18 when he signed his first professional contract with the PSL side.

What is Mduduzi Shabalala’s salary?

 Mduduzi Shabalala poses for picture
Mduduzi Shabalala was born in South Africa on 20 January 2004. Image: Instagram/

Mduduzi Shabalala’s salary at Kaizer Chiefs is undetermined. He signed a five-year contract that did not disclose his salary.

After signing Mduduzi to a 5-year deal, Kaizer Chiefs received an offer of R3.4 million for the player from Belgian club KVC Westerlo.

Mduduzi had flown to Europe, specifically Spain and Belgium, for trials. KVC Westerlo was impressed with his talent and wanted to sign in.

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Unfortunately, Kaizer Chiefs rejected KVC Westerlo’s offer because it did not meet the Chiefs’ evaluation of the youngster.

Shabalala’s monthly salary would have increased significantly had he gone to Belgium.

Current market value

Mduduzi Shabalala has a current market value of €450,000. The value is higher than the €200,000 offered by KVC Westerlo.

How does his salary rank at Kaizer Chiefs

Mduduzi Shabalala’s salary at Kaizer Chiefs shows he is not the highest-paid player at the club. The highest-paid footballer at Kaizer Chiefs is Keagan Dolly.

Keagan Dolly receives R1.4 million from Kaizer Chiefs every month. He is followed by Khama Billiat at R850,000, Itumeleng Khune at R480,000, and Zitha Kwinika at R370,000.

In the top 20 player salaries at Kaizer Chiefs, Mduduzi Shabalala does not feature in it since he hasn’t disclosed his income. Austin Dube, the 20th player on the list, received R80,000 before moving to Richards Bay FC in December 2023.

Noteworthy, Shabalala’s salary could be at the lowest tier at Kaizer Chiefs. One can estimate that he receives less than R80,000 monthly from the PSL club.

Mduduzi Shabalala sitting at a pitch during a match
Mduduzi Shabalala’s net worth is undetermined. Image: X/Soccer_Laduma

Besides, he has not played many games for the Chiefs to justify a significant salary. He has only appeared in 11 matches, played 327 minutes for the club, made one assist, and has not scored a goal, so far.

Properties and cars

At 20 years old and having signed a professional contract at 18, Mduduzi Shabalala has not made much money to buy a lot of property. Also, he has not shown any lavish lifestyle on his social media handles.

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The Chiefs’ midfielder prefers to focus on his football career. Thus, his house and its value are undetermined.

When it comes to cars, the youngster has never uploaded photos of himself driving a vehicle of any kind.

Mduduzi Shabalala’s net worth

As of 2024, Mduduzi Shabalala’s net worth is undetermined. However, some publications estimate he could be worth €25,000.


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