Meet Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents, Michael Arnold and Dianne Alexander

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Trent Alexander-Arnold is an English football player for Premier League club Liverpool. He is also considered one of the best right-backs in the world, known for his impressive skills in passing, crossing, and assists.

The talented footballer has a few relations in the football industry that pushed him to his career success.

He is the nephew of former Manchester United club secretary John Alexander, and his maternal grandmother once dated former United manager Alex Ferguson.

In this article, we’ll cover more about Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents and family relations in the football industry.

He has American and English citizenship

Alexander-Arnold’s parents are Michael Arnold and Dianne Alexander. His dad is of English descent from Liverpool and is a former businessman. On the other hand, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s mom is American.

Due to his dual citizenship, he was eligible to play for the United States and England. However, he chose to represent England internationally as he was born and raised there.

Trent Alexander-Arnold celebrating during a match
Trent Alexander-Arnold . Image: X/AnfieldAura

Is Alexander-Arnold a Zimbabwean? He is originally from England with American descent from his maternal side. Therefore, Trent Arnold’s nationality is English and American.

He is the grandson of Doreen Carling, who dated Sir Alex Ferguson

Is Alexander-Arnold related to Sir Alex Ferguson? No, Trent is not related to Sir Alex Ferguson, but his maternal grandmother, Doreen Carling, was once dated with the former United manager.

Sir Ferguson made the disclosure in his autobiography, which was published in 2013, shortly after he retired.

He stated that Doreen was his first girlfriend, and they dated in Glasgow for almost 18 months as teenagers.

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Their relationship ended when she moved to New York City and was later married. It broke his heart and hopes of getting back together with Doreen.

When Sir Alex asked the Liverpool right-back about his decision to play for United despite his family ties, he replied:

“My mum doesn’t drive on motorways.”

He added that his family members were all Liverpool fans, and he wasn’t going to leave Liverpool, whatever the circumstances.

He was enrolled at Rainhill High School, a school affiliated with Liverpool.

The Liverpool right-back was born in West Derby, Liverpool, England, and attended St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School in his early childhood.

His family background was loving and humble, with his mother looking after the boys while his father worked in London.

When he was six years old, Liverpool hosted a half-term camp in his primary school, to which several students were invited, and he was among the students who attended.

The club’s academy coach, Ian Barrigan, spotted him there and eventually approached his parents to allow him to join the club’s academy.

While at St Mary’s in Crosby, Trent played rugby as a fullback. His physical education teacher recalled that he was talented in both sports, scoring many goals in football and rugby.

However, his heart was in football, and he put his speed and skills to trial to be selected for the academy.

Once Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents allowed him to train with the academy, Trent trained twice or thrice weekly and rose to be club captain at U16 and U18 levels.

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When he was 14, he transferred from St Mary’s and enrolled at Rainhill High School, a school affiliated with Liverpool.

Rainhill High School
Rainhill High School. Image: Snobe

Dianne, his mum, greatly influences the Liverpool right-back’s career. Though Alexander-Arnold was a quiet kid and incredibly modest about his talents, he would react badly to defeat.

His mother would discipline him by cancelling his training until his behaviour improved. Liverpool’s manager and coach became accustomed to the parenting strategy and would play along.

To this day, people who still work in the academy believe that Dianne’s presence in his son’s life instilled discipline and focus, which is evident in his career.

In a season where offers from other clubs were made to many young talents, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents were not entertained; they decided to stick with Liverpool. 

He and his family are Liverpool supporters, and they were not motivated by money but rather by his talent and love for the team.

He has two brothers.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s siblings are Tyler and Marcel. Tyler is the eldest brother, who is four years his senior and is his current football agent and manager, while Marcel, the last-born brother, is three years younger.

The three boys live with their mom, Dianne, in a Cheshire home, and she had them well-balanced and behaved in a lovely family.

Additionally, he and his siblings are the nephews of former Reading and Millwall footballer and Manchester United club secretary John Alexander.

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