Kate Abdo and Malik Scott’s relationship timeline

CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo and Malik Scott are dating. The couple went public with their relationship in 2024 after sharing an intimate picture of themselves on Instagram.

Abdo and Scott are celebrities with a huge following in the sports world, so their relationship has generated much interest. However, they have mostly kept details of their dating private.

Below, we have compiled everything about their dating timeline.

May 2023: Kate Abdo shares photos of her training with Malik

It is unclear when Kate Abdo and Malik Scott met and started dating. However, the CBS Sports presenter started sharing videos of her training with the former boxer on Instagram around May 2023.

Malik Scott is a former American professional boxer. He started his career with an impressive 35 wins before suffering a series of defeats against some big names like Derek Chisora, Deontay Wilder, and Luis Ortiz.

Malik Scott is a former American professional boxer.
Malik Scott is a former American professional boxer. Image: Instagram/malikkingscott

Scott retired in 2016 after losing his fight with Luis Ortiz. He then went into training and has been coaching Deontay Wilder, his former opponent.

The couple met through their love of boxing. Kate Abdo is a boxing fan and has posted several training videos on her Instagram account. The British presenter also previously covered boxing events.

October 2023: Kate jokes that she is getting engaged

Is Kate Abdo engaged to Malik Scott? No, the CBS sports presenter is not engaged to the former boxer.

However, in October 2023, the sports presenter revealed that she had a big announcement to make during the CBS Championship League night show.

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After being asked if she was getting engaged, Kate joked that she was. This happened on-air while she was talking with her co-presenters, Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher, and Micah Richards.

While Carragher and Richards seemed excited about the joke, fans quickly pointed out Henry’s shocked reaction.

December 2023: Jamie Carragher and Michah Richards tease Abdo on air

In December 2023, Jamie Carragher and Michah Richards teased Abdo on air about her mystery partner, causing several fans to become interested in her dating life.

During a segment on CBS Sports, Jamie Carragher asked the British presenter, “You went to Alabama. How’d it go? What happened?”

Abdo replied: ‘I had a great time’.

Carragher then asked about Kate Abdo’s partner. He stated:

 ‘Are we going to meet Malik?’

Kate replied, ‘You can meet Malik’.

After the segment, fans were quick to speculate that Kate was dating Malik Scott. Viewers also noticed that the CBS presenter was not wearing her wedding ring.

She was previously married to Ramtin Abdo, a German businessman. Unfortunately, Kate Abdo’s divorce from Ramtin remains a mystery, as the sports presenter has not yet revealed why she ended her marriage. 

March 2024: Kate Abdo and Malik Scott confirm their relationship on Instagram

In December 2023, Kate Abdo shared a photo of Malik Scott, Deontay Wilder’s trainer, on her Instagram stories and posted:

The man I love to see win is about to get another W on the biggest night in boxing.

According to The Mirror, in March 2024, the CBS Sports presenter further confirmed her relationship with Malik Scott on her Instagram stories by uploading their first photo together.

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In the photo, Abdo sits on Malik Scott’s lap while the former boxer kisses her on the cheek. Scott had originally posted the image, which Abdo shared with the addition of a simple red heart emoji.

Kate Abdo and Malik Scott
Kate Abdo and Malik Scott. Image: Instagram

Kate Abdo and Malik Scott do not share much about their relationship, but their recent Instagram post has attracted much attention.


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