UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2024/25: From Qualifiers to Finals

Sylvia Kiragu

The UEFA Champions League is a prestigious club competition drawing top European clubs and millions of fans. 

As a result, teams taking part in the tournament often walk away with large payouts from the UEFA Champions League prize money pot. 

The 2024/25 season will see a new format, with 36 participating teams.

Consequently, participating clubs can expect a much larger share of the prize money pot. 

Below is a detailed look at the prize money distribution for the upcoming Champion League season. The distribution covers payouts from the qualifiers to the finals match. 

An Overview of the New UEFA Champions League Format 

The change in format for the 2024/25 season of the UEFA Champions League will greatly impact the prize money distribution.

Below is a look at the several changes that have been instituted: 

  • Thirty-six clubs will qualify for the Champions League instead of the traditional 32 teams. 
  • The group stages will be replaced by a league format, where each club plays eight matches against eight opponents (four of the matches home and the other four away). 
  • At the end of the league, the top eight clubs will qualify directly to the knockout stage. 
  • Clubs ranked from 9th to 24th in the league will participate in a 2-legged play-off for the remaining eight slots in the round of 16. 
  • The bottom eight ranked clubs will be eliminated from the Champions League. 

After the league round, the knockout phases (round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals) will proceed just like the previous Champions League seasons. 

What is the UEFA Champions League Prize Money Pot for the 2024/25 Season? 

For the 2024/25 season, UEFA has pledged to pay the participating clubs at least €2.46 billion ($2.65 billion) in prize money. 

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This is a significant increase from the €2.03 billion ($2.21 billion), which has been in place for the past few seasons. 

How Much Does the UEFA Champions League Winner Get? 

Manchester City after winning the UEFA Champions League in 2023
Manchester City after winning the UEFA Champions League in 2023. Image: Facebook/erlinghaaland

The Champions League payout for the 2024/25 season will be €25 million (approximately $27.2 million). 

This is a significant increase from the 2023/24 season, when the winners received €20 million ($21.8 million). 

How Much Do Other Teams in the Champions League Receive? 

The Champions League winners are not the only ones who benefit from the prize money. Depending on their performance, all participating teams also receive large payouts. 

Below is a detailed look at the UEFA Champions League prize money distribution for the 2024/25 season: 

Stage of the CompetitionPrize Money Payout
League phase (win)€2.1 million ($2.3 million)
League phase (draw)€0.7 million ($0.8 million)
League phase (loss)€0
Top eight league finish €2 million ($2.2 million)
Bottom 28 league finish€1.05 million ($1.1 million)
Round of 16 qualification€11 million ($11.98 million)
Quarter-finalists€12.5 million ($13.6 million)
Semi finalists€15 million ($16.3 million)
Runners-up€20 million ($21.7 million)
Winners€25 million ($27.2 million)

Do Clubs Receive Money for Qualifying for the Champions League? 

In addition to performance payouts, all participating clubs are awarded Champions League qualifiers prize money. The qualification payout for the 2024/25 season will be €18.6 million ($20.2 million). 

Therefore, if a club were to win all the matches (from the league phase to the finals), it would walk away with around €100.9 million ($109.9 million). 

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Likewise, a runners-up can receive up to €95.9 million ($104.5 million), a semi-finalist up to €75.9 million ($82.8 million), and a quarter-finalist up to €60.9 million ($66.4 million). 

Clubs eliminated in the round of 16 can also earn up to €48.4 million ($52.73 million). 

On the other hand, a least-performing team (eliminated without a single win or draw in the league phase) can still walk away with €19.65 million ($21.41 million).  

Other Revenues Earned by Clubs Participating in the Champions League

Matchday revenues and TV rights are some of the other revenues participating clubs can expect to get in the tournament.
Matchday revenues and TV rights money are other revenues participating clubs can expect to get in the tournament. Canva/route66’s images

The prize money payout is not the only Champions League revenue European clubs enjoy. Other forms of income for participating clubs include: 

1. Co-efficient Payout

30% of the Champions League prize money is set aside for coefficient payouts to the participating clubs. 

The money is shared among the teams based on their coefficient ranking, calculated based on the club’s performance in the previous seasons. 

Under the current 2024/2025 season, the participating clubs will be ranked from number 1 to number 36, with each position worth one share. 

Therefore, the highest-ranked team will receive 36 shares, and the lowest will receive one share. 

Therefore, the best-performing club can expect to receive an additional €39.9 million ($42.4 million) in co-efficient payout. 

2. TV Rights Money

15% of the UEFA Champions League prize money pot is also set aside for the TV market pool. 

The TV money is shared among clubs based on the value of their nation’s market pool; therefore, clubs from countries with more lucrative broadcast deals earn more. 

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The TV rights payments are also based on the club’s position in the domestic league in the previous season and the number of UEFA Champions League matches played in the current season. 

Lower-ranked teams from nations with a smaller TV market pool can receive less than €1 million. 

3. Matchday Revenues

Lastly, clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League earn matchday revenues from gate ticket sales and hospitality fees.

The revenues depend on the number of fans attending and can be very lucrative, with top clubs earning as much as €3.5 million ($3.8 million) during home matches. 

Therefore, considering all the payouts, a club that wins the UEFA Champions League in 2024/25 can receive upwards of €150 million.  


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