Who is Victor Osimhen’s Girlfriend? All About Stefanie Kim Ladewig

Nigerian and Napoli football star Victor Osimhen has been dating Stefanie Kim Ladewig since 2019.

Despite their long-term relationship, the couple keeps a low profile in their personal life, apart from a few social media posts and public outings.

Below is everything about Stefanie Ladewig, from her background, relationship with the Nigerian star, career, and more.

She is From Germany But With Cameroonian Roots

Stefanie Ladewig has not revealed much about her background. However, she grew up in Germany.

She is of Cameroonian descent; her mother, Sarah Ladewig Agbortabi, is from the Kumba region of Cameroon. Not much is known about her father, but he hails from Germany.

Stefanie is very proud of her Cameroonian roots. During the 2023 AFCON competition, she supported the Cameroon national team in their clash against Equatorial Guinea.

Unfortunately, her decision to support Cameroon earned backlash from Nigerian fans, who felt she should only support her boyfriend’s team.

She Met Victor Osimhen at VFL Wolfsburg

Victor and Stefanie have been dating since 2019
Victor and Stefanie have been dating since 2019. Image: Instagram/naija_sports

Victor Osimhen and Stefanie Kim Ladewig met sometime around 2018 to 2019 when the football star played at German club VFL Wolfsburg. 

At the time, Stefanie was reportedly working at Wolfsburg as a cheerleader for the club.

The couple has not revealed exactly how they met or when they started dating. However, they have been together since then.

She is a Lifestyle Influencer

Stefanie is a social media influencer. She is on Instagram, where she has two accounts: @kimstefaniie with over 5,000 followers, and @itsstefanieladewig_ with over 1,000 followers.

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She also has a TikTok account @Kimstefanieofficial.

Victor Osimhen’s girlfriend regularly posts lifestyle content on her social media account, including beauty, fashion, and travel videos & photos. 

She also promotes the Italian perfume brand Chogan on her Instagram accounts.

She is Very Supportive of Osimhen’s Career

Stefanie Ladewig is very supportive of her partner’s football career. 

During the 2023 AFCON competition, she travelled to Cote d’Ivoire and shared several posts on her Instagram account supporting the Nigerian national team.

The lifestyle influencer also shared a loving message on her Instagram Story with Osimhen, congratulating him on his 8th-place finish in the 2023 Ballon d’Or.

She Has a Child Together With Victor Osimhen

The couple and their daughter.
The couple and their daughter. Image: Facebook/pulsetrendnews

Victor Osimhen and Stefanie Ladewig have a daughter, Hailey True, born in October 2022. 

Although she was born in Italy, Hailey is an Italian national with Nigerian, German, and Cameroonian roots.

Osimhen announced her birth during an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Mattino. The Nigerian footballer stated:

“It’s the most fantastic thing that could have happened to me: I celebrate her after every goal, making the gesture of the initial of her name, H.”

Stefanie is also very fond of her daughter and often posts about her on her Instagram account.

She is Private About Her Relationship with Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen and Stefanie Kim Ladewig have been dating for over five years now. During this time, the couple has confirmed their relationship with several public outings, including attending the 2023 AIC awards.

However, they are very private about their relationship and often avoid posting personal information on their social media accounts.

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The couple is also protective over their daughter and often hides or blurs her face when sharing her photos on social media.

The couple’s private nature is mostly due to Osimhen’s desire to shield his family from the public.

Speaking to Il Mattino, the Nigerian star revealed that he often keeps his family away from the limelight. He stated:

“There is always someone who is ready to criticize, to pour out hatred, to insult.”

He added that he was okay with being the target of some hatred and had come to accept it as part of the game, but he could not stand to see his daughter and family be treated the same. He added:

“I don’t want to suffer these attacks on my loved ones, which is why I defend my family’s privacy.”

She is a Fan of Afro-Music

Stefanie is a fan of Afro-music. She has shared a few posts on her Instagram account singing along to Afrobeats, especially those from Nigeria.


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