Who is Emma Hayes’ partner, children, and career

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Emma Hayes is the football manager of the WSL’s Chelsea football club, famous for her managerial skills and awards won throughout her career. While she displays her career life to the public, it is quite the opposite for her personal life.

She was pregnant with twins in 2018 but lost one of the twins. Despite her past trauma, she is headstrong about being a mother and the manager of the top WSL team.

With that said, here’s more information about Emma Hayes’ partner, her baby’s father, and career.

She often brings her son to work

Who is Emma Hayes’ baby’s father? There is no information about the father of Emma Hayes’ child. She is popular among the Chelsea women players and football fans as a superboy mom.

The English coach sometimes brings her son to work. As such, many people assume that the Chelsea Women’s manager is single and only focuses on her son and leading her team to victory.

Emma Hayes and his son
Emma Hayes and his son. Image: X/ishan04shah

She maintains a private life

Is Emma Hayes married? She does not disclose information beyond her football career and her son. She has also never revealed her marital status to the public.

In most of her interviews, she often talks about her son and the football games. There is no claim about Emma Hayes’ husband or Harry’s father.

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She lost one of her twin sons

Does Emma Haye have any kids? Emma Hayes has a four-year-old son named Harry. When she was pregnant with twins, one of the twins did not survive, and she gave birth to the surviving twin on May 17, 2018.

The birth of her twin son Harry occurred on the other half of her career as a Chelsea Women’s Club’s coach. Hayes’ son was born half an hour after delivering his deceased twin brother Albie, who had died 28 weeks into the pregnancy.

In an interview with The Guardian, she opened up about her grief and loss of her son Albie and her hidden ADHD condition. She explained that the loss of Albie would never leave her and that she felt sorry for Harry, who does not have a brother.

Despite that, the English coach promised to show up for her son, and when he turned four, she fully focused on her normal life and football management career.

She ended her football career due to an ankle injury

Emma Hayes’ passion for football started when she was young, and her father advised her to change the face of women’s football. She joined the Arsenal academy, but an ankle injury when she was 17 ended her football career.

It, however, was not the end of everything, as she went on to study European Studies, Spanish, and Sociology at Liverpool Hope College.

She also pursued her Master’s in Intelligence and International Affairs in the same institution and landed her first football-managing job at Long Island Lady Riders in 2001.

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She was inducted into the Women’s Super League Hall of Fame

Emma Hayes FA  when She won the WSL Manager of the Season
Emma Hayes FA when She won the WSL Manager of the Season. Image: X/CFCBlues_com

Hayes has won the FA WSL Manager of the Season three seasons. Among the other awards she has won include the Best FIFA Football Coach (2021), LMA WSL Manager of the Season (2017-2023) and the FA WSL Manager of the Month (2019-2022).

WSL team manager’s skills and hard work have led to her induction into the Women’s Super League Hall of Fame in 2021.

She is the first woman manager to lead the Chelsea Women’s team to the Champions League final in 12 years. Haye’s team, Chelsea Women’s FC, played in the finals for the first time and lost to Barcelona Femeni 4-0.

In 2016, Queen Elizabeth II appointed her a Member of the Order of the British Empire. She became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2022. Thus, she is a phenomenal woman on the football field and an inspiration to female football players worldwide.



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