How much does Benjamin Mendy earn in 2024?

John Dennis

According to Spotrac, which tracks footballer earnings, Mendy earns an average of £4,680,000 per annum for the whole of his six-year contract signed with Manchester City.

He was first signed in 2017 following a world record 52 million euro contract. To date, only one right back, Marc Cucurella, has been bought for more money than he was.

So, how much has he earned over the years and what is his net worth?

Benjamin Mendy is a millionaire

Benjamin Mendy earns up to £90,000 weekly and is part of the Millionaire Footballers Club. Additionally, he has worked with several brands in endorsements that brought him lots of money.

Mendy’s net worth is currently between £25 to £30 million. However, it’s imperative to note that he has an ongoing trial, which has led to him losing several endorsements.

And considering his contract with Manchester City expires in June 2023, there is no telling if his net worth will stabilize or drop.

Mendy’s earnings through the years

SeasonClubTransfer TypeWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
2017-2018Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
2018-2019Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
2019-2020Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
2020-2021Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
2021-2022Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
2022-2023Manchester CityPermanent£90,000£4,680,000
Data sourced from Capology

Mendy owns a million-dollar mansion in Manchester

Benjamin occasionally takes photos in his $5.5 million-dollar mansion in Cheshire, Manchester. It is rumoured that he bought the house from a renowned cricket player named Freddie Flintoff.

Benjamin Mendy's house
Benjamin Mendy’s house

He has a fleet of luxury cars

When it comes to cars, Ben has an impressive collection. As far as we know, he has three luxury cars: two Ferraris and one Mercedes Benz.

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Apparently, he bought one of the Ferraris to treat himself after winning the Premier League and World Cup all in the same year, and we can all agree that it was a well-deserved gift.

Has Benjamin Mendy gone to jail?

As you may know, Benjamin Mendy has currently been suspended by Manchester City following his ongoing trial, where he is fighting against sexual assault and rape charges.

At first, he was denied bail because the judge saw that he had previously gone against the bail terms, which stated that he couldn’t host house parties.

Considering the sensitivity of the matter coupled with the fact that some victims are underage, the identity of the complainants hasn’t been revealed. Either way, Benjamin is following the following charges:

  • Two counts of rape alleged to have occurred on August 23rd, 2021
  • Three counts of rape that are alleged to have occurred on October 11th, 2020
  • One count of inappropriate touching that is alleged to have occurred on January 2nd, 2021
  • Two counts of rape that are alleged to have occurred on July 24th, 2021

Mendy started playing football at the age of 6

Benjamin Mendy at Le Havre
Benjamin Mendy at Le Havre

Benjamin is what you call a natural when it comes to matters of football. His talent was recognised early enough, and by age 6, Mendy started playing for a local club known as Palaiseau. He played for his junior club for 7 years.

Afterwards, Benjamin joined a youth club by the name Le Havre. Though he initially joined the junior team, he was soon promoted to the senior team thanks to his immense skills.

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During his stay in the aforementioned club, he was noticed by club Marseille, which poached him in 2013 to play for the Les Olympiens team.

Mendy went on to join AS Monaco in 2016, where he went on to win several championships. By then, he was quite popular in the football club, and many big clubs wanted to buy him.

Eventually, Manchester City ended up buying him for a record deal. To date, he has yet to change clubs, mainly because his contract is ongoing.


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