Is Cristiano Ronaldo Muslim? All about His Religion

Stephanie Beatrice

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest international footballers ever, from his humble beginnings in Real Madrid to playing for Italy’s Juventus.

He is also the main player for the Portugal national football team and has made many appearances at European and international games.

He, however, has moved to play for Al-Nassr FC, a Saudi Arabian team. There have been speculations that he and his family should convert to Islam while living in the country.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Muslim? Read more of this article to learn whether the legendary footballer has converted to Islam and whether he speaks Arabic.

He has not changed his religion

The Portuguese footballer moved with his family to Saudi Arabia in January 2023 after signing with Saudi Arabia’s football club Al-Nassr.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo convert to Muslim? As per the customs laws, he should have converted to Islam after moving to the country; however, the country’s rulers made an exception for Cristiano’s religion.

The footballer is a devout Christian, specifically a Roman Catholic, but does not publicly discuss his religion or beliefs.

 Cristiano Ronaldo smiling
Cristiano Ronaldo. Image: X/_AsiwajuLerry

There are, however, instances where he explains how much faith is important to him. In an interview with The Mirror, he said he collects crucifix necklaces because of his relationship with God.

He also added that he wants his eldest son, Cristiano Jr, not to be spoiled with luxuries but instead to be taught religious values.

He has never married his long-term girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, despite living together

Ronaldo is still in a long-term relationship with his Portuguese girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. In 2018, there were speculations that he was marrying her, which he denied, adding that it was not in his plans.

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He cleared the rumours, stating that he changed churches every week in Turin, and at one instance, a photographer saw him in one and thought he was getting married.

The pair have a daughter together but unfortunately lost a twin boy during childbirth.

An anonymous lawyer told the Spanish reporters EFE that Saudi Arabia prohibits unmarried couples from cohabiting without a marriage contract.

However, just like his religious beliefs, Saudi Arabia’s rulers made an exception for the Portuguese player. He is free to cohabit with his girlfriend despite being married.

Georgina Rodriguez smiling
Georgina Rodriguez cohabits with his girlfriend despite not being married, which is against Islamic law. Image: X/TCMSTP

He impressed his fans by speaking Arabic

Does Ronaldo speak Arabic? During his stay in the country, Ronaldo impressed Al-Nassr fans when he spoke Arabic passionately in a video released by the Saudi football team.

He greeted his fans in Arabic, Salam Alaikum, and left feeling proud of himself for speaking the language. In another interview, he uttered Shukran, meaning thank you in Arabic.

He also did the sujood celebration after scoring a goal against Al-Shabaab, a popular celebration for Liverpool player Mo Salah.

The Saudi media commented that the goal was his best since his arrival in Saudi Arabia. 

His family is also noticed to be influenced by the culture, as his daughter was seen reciting some Arabic confidently.

So, is Cristiano Ronaldo Muslim? The Portuguese footballer has not converted to Islam, but he and his family seem to have adopted a bit of Islamic culture.


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