Joel Matip’s ethnicity, parents, German and Cameroonian roots

Joel Matip, Liverpool’s centre-back, is known to be powerful, versatile, and strong in defence. He started his professional football career at Schalke 04 and debuted against FC Bayern Munich, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Besides his football background, Matip has a rich family background because of his multi-ethnicity, which is of German and Cameroonian descent.

He comes from a football family, as his father was a former professional footballer. His older brother is a footballer, too.

That said, here is more information about Joel Matip’s ethnicity, family, and decision not to play for Cameroon

He was born and raised in Germany

Where is Joel Matip from? The Liverpool centre-back was born in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to a Cameroonian father and a German mother.

Joel Matip’s nationality is German and Cameroon due to his multiethnic parents, and he speaks German and English.

His Cameroonian nationality led him to represent Cameroon in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He played for Cameroon for five years before announcing his retirement in 2015.

He is of German and Cameroon ethnicity

Where are Joel Matip’s parents from? His mother, Eva-Maria Matip, is from Germany, while his father, Jean Matip, is from Cameroon. Thus, Joel Matip’s ethnicity is German and Cameroon.

Jean Matip was a chemistry teacher before he became a professional footballer and later the coach of FC Italia B. This made him the first black football coach in Bochum.

Jean played for the Cameroon national football team but later moved to Germany with a Chemistry degree for greener pastures.

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Joel Matip’s mother is a prominent specialist in dementia care. She has dedicated her life to providing medical care to dementia patients and has worked for the German Red Cross.

Eva-Maria Matip takes a picture with a doll
Eva-Maria Matip. Image: Waz

While there is no exact timestamp on when the footballer’s parents met or got married, the couple met when Jean Matip was furthering his Chemistry degree at the University of Bochum.

They fell in love, married, and had three children: Marvin, Joel, and Rebecca Matip.

He started his football career at SC Weitmar 45

The Liverpool centre-back grew up in a humble middle-class family with supportive parents who believed in their children’s talents and passion.

His parents raised him in a humble Christian household, and he attributes his success in football and his family to The Almighty. 

It was hard for Jean Matip to accept his retirement from football as it was his passion and dream. However, he continued his dream with his sons, Marvin and Joel.

Joel started his football career at SC Weitmar 45 when he was four and played for VfL Bochum and Schalke 04 before joining Liverpool on a free transfer.

His parents still support his and his brother’s football career, as they attended the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where Joel represented Cameroon. Joel loves his parents and family and often posts pictures having a good time with them on social media.

He has two siblings

Joel has two siblings, Marvin and Rebecca Matip. Marvin Matip, a former professional footballer, is Joel’s older brother and represented Germany and Cameroon internationally.

Marvin Matip playing
Marvin Matip, Joel Matip’s brother. Image:X/APZNEWS

Rebecca Matip, his younger sister, followed in her mother’s footsteps and is a successful dermatologist in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

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Joel is also cousins with Joseph-Désiré Job, a former footballer in the Cameroon National team.

Joel Matip’s ethnicity has enabled him to represent Cameroon and Germany in national football.


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