How much money does Keylor Navas make? All the details

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Keylor Navas has been playing football professionally since 2005, aged 19. His first team was Deportivo Saprissa in the Primera División of Costa Rica.

After five years of playing in his home country, he moved to Spain to play for Albacete in the Segunda Division, then Levante, and finally settled at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid paid €10,000,000 to sign him in 2014. Then in 2019, he signed for French side Paris Saint Germain after agreeing to a transfer fee with Real Madrid for €15,000,000. He would then join Nottingham Forest on loan.

But what is Keylor Navas’ salary at PSG and his lifetime salary?

Keylor Navas signed a four-year contract on 2 September 2019 with Paris Saint Germain to keep him at the club until June 2024. As a result, PSG agreed to pay the Costa Rican goalkeeper €314,615 per week.

Before moving to PSG, Keylor Navas received €165,000 per week in his last season (2018-2019) at Real Madrid, amounting to €8,816,842 in adjusted gross salary per year.

But at PSG, his salary increased significantly per year to almost double what he received at Real Madrid.

How much money does Keylor Navas make per year?

Keylor Navas’ salary at Paris Saint Germain is €314,615 ($329,260) per week. Navas signed a four-year contract with the Ligue 1 club on 2 September 2019 until 30 June 2024.

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In January 2023, Keylor tranferred to Nottingham Forest F.C. on loan. His wages are about €101,702 per week.

As a result, he will receive an annual gross salary of €16,360,000 or $17,121,558. Furthermore, his contract allows him to earn bonuses, mostly from playing in the Champions League, winning the Ligue 1, etc.

What is Keylor Navas’ lifetime salary?

Keylor Navas at PSG
Keylor Navas at PSG

Keylor Navas first played pro football in his country for Deportivo Saprissa Under 17. He then joined Deportivo Saprissa’s senior team and became a regular goalkeeper.

As a result, he made 73 appearances for the Costa Rican club between 2005 and 2010. However, his salary at Deportivo Saprissa was never determined.

In 2011, Keylor Navas moved from Deportivo Saprissa in Costa Rica to play for Albacete in the Spanish Segunda Division.

After playing 36 games for Albacete, the team loaned him to Levante UD in La Liga for one year. His loan fee for that year was €150,000.

But his impressive performances forced Levante to buy him in 2012 for a fee of €150,000 or $156,983.

During the 2013/2014 season, Keylor Navas received a weekly salary of €6,308 from Levante UD. As a result, his annual adjusted gross salary at the club was €349,378 or $365,642.

Keylor Navas signed a six-year contract with Real Madrid in 2014. Thus, his salary at Real Madrid increased significantly from €6,308 to €39,654. Real Madrid paid him €2,207,437 or $2,310,193 in his first season at the club.

Moreover, Navas’ salary at Real Madrid kept increasing in subsequent years. For example, during the 2015/2016 season, he received an annual salary of €3,520,838 or $3,684,733.

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He received a total of €22,846,729 or $23,910,244 from Real Madrid between 2014 and 2019.

After Real Madrid, he signed a four-year contract at PSG in 2019 after the two clubs agreed to a transfer fee of €15,000,000. His salary increased to €314,615 per week, translating to €16,360,000 per year.

That is almost double the amount he received at Real Madrid. Between 2019 and 2022, Keylor Navas received €49,348,685 from PSG.

Keylor Navas’ salary breakdown

Football clubs have paid Keylor Navas a lot of money over the years. Here is his salary breakdown between 2013 and 2022 in Euros.

YearClubWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
2013-2014Levante UD€6,308€328,000
2014-2015Real Madrid€39,654€2,207,437
2015-2016Real Madrid€62,346€3,520,838
2016-2017 Real Madrid€75,192€4,113,808
2017-2018Real Madrid€77,827€4,187,804
2018-2019Real Madrid€165,000€8,816,846
2019-2020Paris Saint Germain€314,615€16,628,685
2020-2021Paris Saint Germain€314,615€16,360,000
2021-2022Paris Saint Germain€314,615€16,360,000
2022-2023Nottingham Forest F.C.€101,702€5,288,524

Navas still has a contract with PSG until 2024. He may return to the club at the end of his loan at Nottingham Forest F.C.

However, the goalkeeper has received €72,544,792 or $75,921,752 in salaries from football clubs in Europe.

How much did Real Madrid pay for Navas?

Keylor Navas playing for Real Madrid
Keylor Navas while playing for Real Madrid

Real Madrid signed Keylor Navas from Levante on 3 August 2014.

The signing came after the two Spanish clubs agreed to a transfer fee of €10 million, which Levante had imposed on Navas as his buyout or release clause. Thus, Navas signed a six-year contract for Real Madrid.

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‌What is Keylor Navas’ net worth?

Between 2013 and 2022, Keylor Navas received €72,544,792 or $75,921,752 in salaries. But as of 2022, Keylor Navas’ net worth is estimated to be about €13 million.


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