Meet Alyssa Naeher’s twin, Amanda, who plays soccer too

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Alyssa Naeher is one of the most popular female goalkeepers in the US Women’s Soccer Team.

Further down in North Carolina, her twin sister, Amanda Naeher, is the head coach of the girls’ soccer team in high school. The two have grown up together to shine in different paths in football.

Read more of the article about Alyssa Naeher’s twin, Amanda, their relationship, and her support for Alyssa’s football success.

She has a rich ancestry

Where was Amanda Naeher born? She was born on April 20, 1988, with her twin sister, Alyssa, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States.

Alyssa and Amanda Naeher’s parents are John and Donna Lynn Naeher, who are of German, French, Canadian, and English ancestry.

She played for the Messiah Women’s soccer team

Amanda Naeher and her twin grew up in Connecticut and attended Christian Heritage School, where their father was the school director of student life.

Alyssa was a star soccer player in the school and was selected for the All-State and FAA All-Conference three times.

While Alyssa focused on playing as a goalkeeper, Amanda found passion in playing as a defender.

Alyssa and Amanda Naeher holding the Women Wolrd Cup trophy
Amanda Naeher was born on April 20, 1988, with her twin sister, Alyssa, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States. Image: X/Chandler_TV

Once they graduated from high school, Alyssa attended Penn State from 2006 to 2009, and Amanda went to study at Messiah College.

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She joined the Messiah Women’s soccer team and scored 30 goals in a season four times. She finished college soccer with 108 goals, 36 assists, and 24 game-winning goals.

Alyssa Naeher’s twin is among the seven members in the school’s history, with 30 career goals and career assists.

She is a successful soccer coach

Amanda Naehar’s career took off when she landed a soccer coaching role at Charlotte Christian two years after graduating from Messiah College.

Meanwhile, her sister Alyssa continued to pursue soccer professionally and played for professional teams in Boston, Germany, and Chicago.

She shares a close bond with her twin sister

Amanda and Alyssa Naeher have been very close and supportive of each other since childhood.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Amanda moved from her home in Charlotte for a month to participate in the Women’s World Cup in France.

Amanda and her family went to support Alyssa, who played as the goalkeeper for the US National Team.

Amanda and Alyssa Naeher smiling
Amanda and Alyssa Naeher. Image: Facebook/Alyssa Naeher

She would also hand over the American flag that she took to each game to Alyssa, who paraded on the field after reaching the final.

The twins celebrated the highest honor in their soccer careers together.

She has a younger sister

Amanda Naeher’s siblings include her twin sister, Alyssa Naeher, the US professional female footballer for the Chicago Red Stars and the United States Women’s National Football Team.

She also has a younger sister, Abigail, with whom she lives close.

Alyssa Naeher’s twin is very private and has not publicly shared much information about her personal life. As a result, it is unknown whether she has children or is currently in a relationship.

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