Sophia Smith’s ethnicity, nationality, parents, and family

The female football world is filled with dynamic and talented women who grace the pitch and play among their favorite players.

Among these women is Sophia Smith, a young, talented footballer to watch out for on the pitch.

Born to an African-American father and an American mother, the Portland Thorns forward grew up in a family that values football more than a sport.

As Sophia pursued her football dream, her parents and family were her pillars of strength, and she acknowledged them as the driving force to her success.

Read this article to learn more about Sophia Smith’s ethnicity and parents and their impact on her career success.

She is of mixed descent

Sophia Smith’s nationality is American since she was born and raised in Winsor, Colorado, United States, to Mollie and Kenny Smith.

Her father, Kenny Smith, is an African American, while her mother, Mollie, is a Caucasian American. Therefore, Sophia Smith’s ethnicity is mixed, but her African roots remain unknown.

She comes from a basketball family

Sophia Smith’s parents are Mollie and Kenny Smith. Her father, Kenny, was a basketball player while studying at the University of Wyoming.

Mollie works in the medical field, doing medical records and referrals in a pediatric clinic.

Kenny Smith is an established postal clerk and coach of the youth basketball team in the Denver suburbs, where the family resides.

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Interestingly, the Smith family is athletic and plays collegial basketball. However, Sophia broke the legacy and played varsity basketball while in high school and instead pursued soccer while in college.

She played soccer while young

Young Sophia Smith smiling
Sophia Smith has played soccer and joined under-6 through under-13 teams between 2006 and 2013. Image: Instagram/sophsssmith

Sophia Smith’s background entails her passion for football since she was a little girl, and her father, Kenny, believed she would become a soccer star.

It all happened when he witnessed her dominating on a 3-on-3 session. Since then, she has played soccer and joined under 6 through under 13 teams between 2006 and 2013.

Kenny encouraged his daughters to participate in sports activities. While Gabrielle and Savannah were active basketball players, Sophia often played football on the pitch.

Her father supported her soccer dream despite the change in the athletic field, and he and his wife would drive miles to take Sophia to her daily training or watch her play.

In an interview with The Inquirer, Sophia’s mother, Mollie, said she does not know where her daughter gets her inner drive, but she fully believes she is the biggest US women’s soccer star.

She also added that she had always known that Sophia wanted to be a professional football player and was known always to pursue what she wanted.

She dropped out of Standford University to pursue a professional soccer career

In 2018, the American forward was offered a scholarship to attend Stanford University and played for the Cardinal, the university’s soccer team.

It, therefore, did not come as a surprise that she helped the team qualify for the national championship in 2019.

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Did Sophia Smith graduate from Stanford? The American forward did not graduate from Stanford. She attended the school for two years in her sophomore year before leaving to pursue professional football.

Shortly after leaving college, she joined the US Women’s National Soccer team and was drafted by Portland Thorns.

She has two older sisters

Sophia  with her sisters , Savannah , Gabriel and her toddlers
Sophia with her sisters, Savannah, Gabriel and her toddlers. Image: Instagram/

Sophia is the last born among three siblings and has two older sisters, Gabrielle, 28, and Savanna, 26, Smith.

Savannah, the second-born daughter, followed in their father’s footsteps and was a college basketball player at the University of Northern Colorado. She is famous for being an all-time leading scorer for the team in her time.

Gabrielle, the eldest sister, has two toddlers, whom Sophia spoils daily and greatly adores.

Sophia Smith’s ethnicity is mixed. She has a Caucasian mother and an African-American father.

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