About Weston McKennie’s parents, Tina and John McKennie

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Weston McKennie is a professional footballer for the Series A Juventus club and the United States National Team. John and Tina McKennie’s parents have supported his football career since he was six.

He harnessed most of his football skills with the help and commitment of his family, trainers, and childhood friends. 

All this led him to represent his country internationally and play for Italy’s biggest club. 

Read more to learn about McKennie’s parents, ethnicity, family background, and their impact on his football career.

Where was Weston Mckennie born?

Weston McKennie was born on August 25, 1998, in Fort Lewis, Washington, though his hometown is Little Elm, Texas. 

The American footballer lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany, from when he was six until he was nine. His father was a United States Air Force officer at the time and was stationed at the Ramstein Air Base.

He learned to play football in Germany and landed his first pro-team contract in the same country. 

At ten, McKennie and his parents moved to Little Elm, where he spent most of his childhood playing soccer and attending school. 

Who is Weston McKennie’s dad?

John McKennie Sr
John McKennie Sr. Image: X/airborne69

John McKennie Sr., Weston McKennie’s father, is an African American and a former United States Air Force officer. His job would force him and his family to travel worldwide to fulfill his duties.

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Upon Weston’s birth, John was stationed in Fort Lee, Virginia, where he spent his childhood before being transferred to Germany. 

In an interview with ussoccer.com, John McKennie Sr. stated that his time to make a permanent change of station (PCS) was approaching, and he was given a choice between Germany and Alaska.

He discussed his move with his family, who chose to go to Germany because Alaska was too cold. Upon moving to Germany, Weston played soccer regularly with his older sibling and friends or competed with opponents between the ages of 14 and 20. 

Weston McKennie’s dad has always known his son to be competitive and resilient until he scored a goal or won. 

In his free time, he would play football with his sons and indulge in their competitive but fun nature.

Who is Weston McKennie’s mother?

Tina McKennie is Weston’s mother, an American from Texas. Little is known about her because she avoids the public eye. However, Weston expresses much gratitude to her for supporting him and his football dream.

She recalls wanting her children exposed to the German culture, how they lived, and picking up the language as they lived in the small town of Otterbach. 

Weston, John Jr., and their friend Toby would play soccer across the street against older boys.

Tina and her husband, John Sr., raised their children in a respectful and loving family. They often taught them to stay out of trouble and supported football as an activity or sport to keep them active.

What impact did Weston McKennie’s parents have on his football career?

Weston McKennie is close with his family and owes much of his football success to them. 

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He stated that his accomplishments are also theirs as they were there for him during thick and thin.

His parents have always encouraged him when he was down and supported him to make his dreams come true.

When Weston and his family lived in Germany, his parents noticed he had a natural talent for football. His mother noted that he had a gift in football because he would go up against 14-year-olds when he was only six.

They hired a young but eager coach to train him in their three years in Germany. 

When they moved to America, they hired trainer after trainer to perfect his skills until his senior year in high school, where he got an offer at FC Dallas and a full scholarship from the University of Virginia.

Initially, he was set to start his life at the University of Virginia but changed his mind when he received an offer at Germany’s pro club, FC Schalke 04. 

The football club made his dreams and everything he flourished as he considered Germany his second home.

Weston’s time at Schalke saw him dazzle football fans around the world with impressive skills and quick feet. He has since gone on to play for several clubs and earn a decent income out of it.

Does Weston McKennie have siblings?

Weston McKennie during a match
Weston McKennie during a match. Image:X/USMNTOtaku

Weston McKennie’s siblings are John McKennie Jr., his brother who helped him develop a competitive edge in football, and an elder sister who isn’t in the public eye.

In an interview with The 18, a soccer news site, Weston states that since his brother was eight years older than him, they would always compete because he hated losing. 

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He would lose most of the time, but when he won, he would feel good about it and thus strove to win all the time.

Despite their competitive nature, the young Weston would always follow John Jr. like a shadow and indulge in whatever he did. 

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