What is Lamine Yamal’s religion? Everything you need to know

Lamie Yamal, the footballer born in July 2007, has impressed millions of fans with his impressive skills.

The youngster is already making waves by breaking records, such as being the youngest player to appear for Spain and Barcelona.

The young footballer’s life off the pitch has also attracted much attention, especially his religion.

Below is a detailed look at Lamine Yamal’s religion and other interesting facts, such as his parents, ethnicity, background, and more.

There is speculation that Lamine Yamal is a Muslim

Lamine Yamal has not publicly disclosed his religion. However, there is a lot of speculation that the player is a Muslim.

In an X post, one fan questioned whether the youngster would be fasting during the Ramadhan, given that he is underage.

In addition, Lamine Yamal is listed as a Muslim in a fan-made TikTok video that explores the various religions of the Barcelona squad.

Lamine Yamal’s father is from Morocco, a predominantly Muslim country

Lamine Yamal’s father, Mounir Nasraoui, has also not publicly revealed his religion. However, he is likely Muslim.

Nasraoui is from Morocco, where the majority of the people are Muslims. On top of that, he has posted a photo on Instagram wearing a kufi, which is traditionally worn by Muslims.

In another photo of Yamal’s family shared on X, several relatives can be seen wearing a hijab, a traditional Islamic garment. This is clear evidence that several of Yamal’s family members might also be Muslims.

Lamine Yamal and his father Mounir Nasraoui
Lamine Yamal and his father Mounir Nasraoui. Image: X/BarcaSpaces

Unfortunately, little information about Lamine Yamal’s mother or her religion is available. However, she is from Equatorial Guinea, where most people are Christians.

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Lamine Yamal’s parents are immigrants

Lamine Yamal’s parents are immigrants from Africa. His father, Mounir Nasraoui, hails from Morrocco, while his mother, Sheila Ebana, is from Equatorial Guinea.

Yamal’s grandmother, Fatima (Nasraoui’s mother), moved to Spain from Morrocco around 1988.

A few years later, she moved her children to Spain, and they settled in Rocafonda, a neighbourhood in Mataró, Barcelona.

Not much information is available about Yamal’s mother’s background besides the fact that she is from Equatorial Guinea. At some point, Yamal’s parents met in Spain and started a relationship.

When he was three years old, Yamal’s parents separated, but they continued to be involved in his life (and especially his football career).

His mother introduced him (Yamal) to Inocente Diez, who then convinced them to sign up for the CF La Torreta.

At La Torreta, Yamal’s skills attracted Barcelona, and the club recruited him to join its youth academy system.

Lamine Yamal is of mixed ethnicity

Lamine Yamal is of mixed ethnicity
Lamine Yamal is of mixed ethnicity. Image: X/BarcaWorldwide

Lamine Yamal is of mixed ethnicity, Moroccan on his father’s side and Equatoguinean on his mother’s side.

However, the youngster was born in Barcelona, Spain, and spent most of his childhood in the neighbourhood of Rocafonda.

Due to his ethnicity, Yamal would have been eligible to play for three FIFA nations at the international level: Morrocco, Equatorial Guinea, and Spain.

However, the youngster played for Spain’s youth national teams and has since received several call-ups for Spain’s senior teams, making him ineligible to play for Morocco or Equatorial Guinea.

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