Kate Abdo’s ethnicity, parents, and family background

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Kate Abdo, a professional sports broadcaster for CBS Sports, has travelled to cover sports games in France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

She is known for her brilliance in UEFA Champions League and Europa League sports coverage.

Kate Abdo’s impressive background is behind her fame and success in football broadcasting. She is of Guyanese and British ethnicity and has also lived in France, Germany, and Spain, where she speaks all three languages fluently.

Here are more details about Kate Abdo’s ethnicity, family background, and journey across European countries.

She was born in Manchester, England

Where is Kate Abdo from? Kate Abdo’s nationality is British. She was born on September 8, 1981, in Manchester, England. She lives a private life and has never revealed much about her childhood or upbringing.

Kate attended Christ the King School in Manchester and her high school at Withington Girls’ School before moving to Spain when she was 17.

She appeared in a surprise interview with her father

Who are Kate Abdo’s parents? Her father is Tom Giles, while her mother is only referred to as Mrs Giles. There are little known facts about her parents or her siblings as they stay away from the public eye.

Kate Abdo smiling
Kate Abdo during a TV interview. Image: X/UKHotCelebs1

In 2023, Kate’s father appeared on a live show at Etihad Stadium in a surprise interview with Peter Schmeichel.

In the interview, Tom Giles was a special guest alongside his daughter, who hosted the live show alongside Peter.

Just like her father, the sports broadcaster is an avid Manchester United fan, and she recalled how she would watch their games with him at Old Trafford. On the other hand, she added that her mother is a Liverpool fan.

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Little is known about Kate Abdo’s mother, as she avoids the public spotlight. She is known to be a Liverpool fan, the opposite of Kate and Tom Giles, who are Manchester United fans in the family.

She is of British and Guyanese ethnicity

Kate Abdo’s race is Guyanese since her grandmother from her mother’s side is Guyanese. Guyana is a country in the northeastern side of South America with indigenous people and a rich heritage.

Known to keep her life private, Kate revealed her roots during the Guyana vs US Gold Cup match in 2019. She hoped the game would end 1-1.

Manchester, where she was born, is also home to more than 24,000 Guyanese nationals. The sports broadcaster is proud of her roots despite not talking much about her Guyanese ethnicity. 

She was born and raised among a mix of cultures that deepened her uniqueness. However, she has never publicly revealed her family members’ lineage.

She speaks four languages

Kate Abdo poses for a picture
Kate Abdo. Image: Instagram/kateabdo

Born in Manchester, England, Kate Giles moved to Spain when she was 17, where she did her high school studies. She then completed her undergraduate education at the University of Malaga.

While studying in Spain, she took the opportunity outside her studies to travel to France and Germany. The sports broadcaster worked in Paris and Munich while building her career, making her a veteran in the football broadcasting world.

In Germany, the sports broadcaster worked for Deutsche Welle, where she met her then-husband, Ratmin Abdo. Kate Abdo’s husband, Ratmin Abdo, is a German of mixed Iranian descent.

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Kate returned to the UK later, where she studied for a BA in European Languages at the University of Salford in Manchester, England.

Despite Kate Abdo’s ethnicity being British and Guyanese, she is fluent in Spanish, French, and German. This is because she has worked and lived in these countries.



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