Are Joao Felix and Margarida still together? Here’s the truth

Joao Felix and Margarida Corceiro hit the headlines in 2019 when they confirmed they were dating.

Their love blossomed, and many people admired them. However, as time passed, circumstances changed, and their relationship was tested unimaginably.

So, are Joao Felix and Magui Corceiro still together in 2023? Here is the truth about their relationship.

They started dating when Corceiro was 16

Joao Felix and Corceiro met in 2018. Corceiro was 16, and Joao was 19. In December 2019, they appeared on the red carpet at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, making their relationship public.

The couple took their relationship to social media by sharing photos of each other on vacations. They also appeared in public together on multiple occasions.

They continued dating even after infidelity rumours

The Portuguese player and Margarida had a relationship that their fans were invested in. However, there were rumours of infidelity in the relationship.

It all started in May 2022 when a video of Corceiro kissing Pedro Porro in a nightclub went viral on social media. Margarida was still Joao Felix’s girlfriend when the video emerged.

Joao Felix and Margarida Corceiro in a swimming pool
Joao Felix and Margarida Corceiro. Image: X/deepakleno8

After the video, social media users claimed that Corceiro had cheated on the Barcelona forward. However, both Corceiro and Pedro Porro denied the allegations.

Also, Joao Felix never commented on it. But even after the online allegations, Joao and Margarida continued dating.

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They have never reconciled since their breakup

Are Joao Felix and Margarida Corceiro together? Unfortunately, after five years of being together, Joao and the Portuguese model ended their relationship in June 2023.

After their breakup, many publications reported that the Portuguese footballer and Magarida had reconciled and rekindled their romance.

The reports emerged after Margarida posted a picture of herself accompanied by Joao’s pet dog. The talk about their reconciliation spread online and even made them trend for several hours. But as it turned out, the two never reconciled.

Is Joao Felix single? As of 2023, the Barcelona star is single. In September 2023, he stated that he was single after publicly rubbishing the rumours that he had reconciled with Margarida Corceiro.

They have not confirmed their current partners since their breakup

Have Joao Felix and Margarida Corceiro dated other people? The Barcelona forward has only been in one relationship. He dated Margarida between 2019 and 2023. But the same may not be said of Margarida.

While she was still in a relationship with Joao Felix, rumours of her infidelity spread on the internet. Here are the people she was rumoured to have dated.

Pedro Porro

Pedro Porro is a professional Spanish footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspur and the Spanish national team.

Margarida Corceiro and Pedro Porro were alleged to be in a relationship after a video surfaced of the two kissing in a nightclub in May 2022.

The Portuguese model quickly denied the rumours and said the video was out of context. She also revealed that the incident was boring her and Felix and that she was tired of the media attention.

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On the other hand, Pedro Porro admitted that he has a special relationship with Margarida. He has, however, denied having an affair with her and claimed that no one was being unfaithful to anyone.

Lando Norris

Lando Norris smiling
Lando Norris. Image: X/ln4norris

Lando Norris is a British-Belgian racing driver who competes in Formula One with McLaren and races under the British flag. Margarida Corceiro and Lando Norris were first spotted together in Monaco ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2023.

In a viral social media clip, the paparazzi captured Corceiro driving around Monaco with Norris. They were also seen having a drink together at a café.

However, Norris denied the rumours of him being in a relationship with Corceiro, stating that they are close friends but not in a relationship. Furthermore, the Formula One racer stated:

I can’t have friends nowadays, I can’t be seen with someone without somehow being in a relationship.

– Lando Norris

Corceiro has not commented on her alleged relationship with Norris. Instead, she has chosen to focus on her acting and influencer career.


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