Who is Shani Jamilah? All about Lukaku’s ex-girlfriend

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Shani Jamilah is a UK-based social media influencer, especially famous on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter platforms. 

However, she is mainly famous for having dated Chelsea F.C. and Belgium international footballer Romelu Lukaku and the publicity that followed her following their split.

But despite being Lukaku’s ex and a popular social media figure, many details about Jamilah remain private. 

We have compiled a detailed write-up about her, from her background, personal life, relationship with Lukaku, career, and other exciting details.

Shani Jamilah’s quick facts

NameShani Jamilah
Current ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
ProfessionSocial media influencer

Shani Jamilah was born and brought up in Wiltshire, England

Jamilla Shani
Jamilla Shani. Image: Twitter/voetbal24be

Shani Jamilah is usually very secretive about her personal life. However, in an interview with the 90s Baby Show, she revealed that she was born in Wiltshire, South West England, United Kingdom. She was reportedly born around July 1996.

Jamilah has not revealed her parents’ names, but she is reportedly very close to them. 

Also, in the 90s Baby Show interview, she revealed that she comes from a well-off family, with her mother being a business analyst in the IT sector, while her father is a businessman.

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Lukaku’s ex is the firstborn in her family. She has a younger sister and brother. She has not shared much information about them but is very close to them. 

Also, in the 90s Baby Show, she revealed that being the family’s eldest sibling gave her the desire to have children, although she is yet to realize this dream.

Unfortunately, Jamilah has not revealed much about her background, especially her education. 

However, she reportedly grew up in Wilshire before moving to London when she was 19, where she is currently based.

Lukaku’s ex-girlfriend is a social media influencer

What does Shani Jamilah do? Lukaku’s ex is a social media influencer who rose to fame by posting fashion, travel, and lifestyle photos and videos on Instagram. 

She has amassed a huge following of over 200,000 followers on her account.

Besides Instagram, Jamillah is also on Tik Tok, with over 40K followers and 781,000 likes on her videos. 

On top of that, she is a regular Twitter user with over 100K followers.

Due to her popularity, Jamillah has signed several deals with brands, where she uses her social media accounts to promote their products. 

For example, some brands she promotes on her Instagram account include Fashion Nova, Fenty Skin, and Mola Chill Drinks.

Shani Jamilah and Lukaku were reportedly dating for over two years

Shani Jamilah
Shani Jamilah. Image: Twitter/LoveLullaBellz

The relationship between Shani Jamilah and Lukaku became public knowledge in 2021 after the couple was spotted together having fun in Italy

This was a few days after Lukaku’s team, Belgium, crushed out of the 2020 Euro competition. 

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In the paparazzi photos, the two were having a good time. However, the couple was rumoured to have split up immediately after their vacation. 

This was confirmed by Jamillah’s tweet some months later, where she stated that she was single following an article that claimed that she was Lukaku’s girlfriend.

Unfortunately, neither party has revealed the reason why they broke up. And given their secretive nature, they have not shared how they met. 

However, in the interview with the 90s Baby Show, Jamillah alluded to the fact that she had been dating Lukaku for about two and a half years, though she never mentioned him by name.

Lukaku’s ex is currently single.

So, who is Shani Jamilah’s boyfriend? Since breaking up with Lukaku, the social media influencer has kept a low profile and has not revealed anything about her romantic interests. 

However, in the 90 Baby Show interview, she revealed that she is seeing a few guys but was not serious about them. She also revealed that she was bisexual and attracted to both guys and girls.

Shani Jamilah underwent a cosmetic surgery

One interesting fact about Lukaku’s ex is that she is one of the several social media influencers who have undergone cosmetic surgery. 

Looking at some of her before-surgery photos on Instagram, you will notice a huge difference in her body shape. 

Furthermore, in an interview with BBC, she came clean about getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery, which she was reportedly offered free of charge in return for showing her journey to her followers on social media.

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