EPL matches schedule on K24 for the 2023-24 season

Nancy Marende

K24 is Kenya’s only Free-to-Air channel broadcasting live EPL matches. It earned its license two years ago and airs one game every weekend.

Noteworthy K24 began airing live EPL matches on television on September 12, 2020, and the station’s YouTube channel. Nowadays, the games are available via K24 Plus, their exclusive streaming platform.

EPL matches schedule on K24

The table below showcases the EPL matches on K24. The first was aired on Friday, August 11, 2023. The 2023/24 EPL season ends on Sunday, May 19, 2024, with the final match being played on this day.

August 12, 2023Everton vs. Fulham18:00
August 19, 2023Liverpool vs. Bournemouth18:00
August 26, 2023Arsenal vs. Fulham18:00
September 2, 2023Burnley vs. Tottenham18:00
September 16, 2023West Ham vs. Manchester City18:00
September 23, 2023Crystal Palace vs. Fulham18:00
September 30, 2023Newcastle United vs. Burnley18:00
October 7, 2023Burnley vs. Chelsea18:00
October 21, 2023Man City vs. Brighton18:00
October 28, 2023Arsenal vs. Sheffield United18:00
November 4, 2023Manchester City vs. Bournemouth18:00
November 11, 2023Manchester United vs. Luton Town18:00
November 25, 2023Nottingham Forest vs. Brighton18:00
December 2, 2023Arsenal vs. Wolves18:00
December 9, 2023Brighton vs. Burnley18:00
December 16, 2023Chelsea vs. Sheffield United18:00
December 23, 2023Spurs vs. Everton18:00
December 30, 2023Manchester City vs Sheffield United18:00
January 13, 2024Chelsea vs. Fulham18:00
January 20, 2024Brentford vs. Nottingham18:00
February 3, 2024Newcastle vs. Luton Town18:00
February 10, 2024Tottenham vs. Brighton Albion18:00
February 11, 2024Aston Villa vs. Man United18:00
February 17, 2024Burnley vs. Arsenal18:00
February 24, 2024Man United vs. Fulham18:00
March 02, 2024Nottingham Forest vs. Liverpool18:00
March 09, 2024Crystal Palace vs Luton Town18:00
March 16, 2024Luton Town vs Nottingham Forest18:00
March 30, 2024Chelsea vs Burnley18:00
April 6, 2024Aston Villa vs Brentford17:00
April 20, 2024Luton vs Brentford17:00
We’ll keep updating this list as more fixtures are released. Keep checking for the latest games.

When does K24 air the EPL matches?

K24 airs a single English Premier League match every Saturday. In addition to the live game, the TV service has a weekly preview with football analysts.

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K24’s first live match was between Fulham and Arsenal FC, played at Craven Cottage. Noteworthy, the media company’s contract for airing EPL matches on K24 and K24 Plus mobile apps is valid until 2025.

The commentary on K24 is also quite interesting. Its sports commentators and analysts deliver unparalleled football coverage for their fans.


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