Jude Bellingham’s Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality and Love Story

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Jude Bellingham is a talented footballer who has achieved so much in football at 20. His passion for football started in his early childhood, and with the support of his parents, Denise and Mark Bellingham, he has grown into a rising star.

If you are curious about Denise and Mark Bellingham, the parents behind the legendary youngster, this article will answer your questions.

We will also cover Jude Bellingham’s parents, ethnicity, and family story that connect to the success story of the English footballer.

Where are Jude Bellingham’s parents originally from?

Jude Bellingham was born to Denise and Mark Bellingham on June 29, 2003, in Stourbridge, England. 

Mark Bellingham is from Essex, England, while his mother, Denise, is of African ethnicity but a native British woman.

Are Jude Bellingham’s parents Irish?

Mark Bellingham has Irish roots, as his parents are from Ireland.

In a documentary about Jude Bellingham, there’s a photo of him as a young boy wearing an Irish journey. The jersey looks like an away kit for the Republic of Ireland between the Brian Kerr and Steven Staunton eras.

As such, Jude and Jode Bellingham’s nationality is a source of pride to their parents. Jude may be eligible for Ireland in the future, but the chances are slim because he has played for England on all age levels.

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Where do Jude Bellingham’s parents live?

Jude, his brother Jobes, and their parents, Denise and Mark Bellingham
Jude, his brother Jobe, and their parents, Denise and Mark Bellingham. Image: Twitter/theMadridZone

Jude Bellingham’s parents lived in central England, where they raised Jude and his younger sibling.

They had a financially stable home while raising their sons, as they had stable and high-paying jobs. 

Mark worked as a police sergeant in West Midlands while playing soccer for non-league teams. On the other hand, Jude Bellingham’s mother works in human resources.

Was Jude Bellingham’s father a former footballer?

The apple does not fall far from the tree, as in the case of Jude and Mark Bellingham. 

Jude’s father is a former English footballer who played as a striker for Southam United. He attended the University of Wolverhampton for his undergraduate degree.

According to The Athletic, Mark has been regarded as one of the most popular non-league strikers and goal scorers, having scored more than 700 goals in his football career. 

He has played soccer since 1994 for teams such as East Thurrock United, Chelmsford City, Bedworth United, and many more.

The former English footballer almost retired in 2001 from professional football after suffering his second torn cruciate. Luckily, he recovered from it and resumed playing until he officially retired in 2019 while playing for Southam United.

He stopped playing in non-league football games and switched to veteran’s tournaments. Mark also taught physical education at the Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School in Birmingham, the school that Jude attended.

Jude Bellingham’s inspiration for his football career

Denise and Mark Bellingham established stepping-stones for their sons to commit fully to football.

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Jude’s father couldn’t make it to the league’s teams even after scoring numerous goals in non-league teams. For this reason, Jude decided to change that and commit his life to football.

The parents also influenced Jude’s football decisions and were present when Manchester United made a deal with their son. They reviewed whether the team was great for their son but rejected it for Dortmund.

Jude further states that his mother has played a big role in him growing up and starting a football career. 

He said that his mother has helped him stay grounded in the life of stardom and even moved to Germany with him to help him settle and manage his affairs.

Are Jude Bellingham’s mum and dad still together?

Jude, his brother Jobes, and their parents, Denise and Mark Bellingham
Jude, his brother Jobe, and their parents, Denise and Mark Bellingham. Image: Getty Images

Yes, Denise and Mark Bellingham are still together, despite them living in different countries to watch over and support their sons. 

Denise lived with Jude in Germany, where she attended to and took him to training. Mark remained in England, where he cares for Jobe Bellingham, a professional footballer for Sunderland.

According to The Daily Mail, in 2023, Real Madrid made an offer to Jude Bellingham to join the team. When he was announced as a Real Madrid player, his father beamed with pride while his mother took pictures of his son and the moment.

By transferring from Dortmund to Real Madrid, the 20-year-old footballer became Britain’s most expensive footballer. He called his mum ‘queen’ and said she was the key to his success.

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Jude Bellingham’s siblings

Jude is the older of two siblings, and his younger brother is Jobe Bellingham. Jobe, 17, aspires to be a footballer like his brother and follows in Jude’s and their father’s footsteps.

They grew up in central England, where they practised football with their father. He currently plays for the EFL Championship team Sunderland as a midfielder.

Similarly to his brother, he made his debut football career at Birmingham City Academy at the age of 16. Jude has also represented England on all levels, including U16, U17 and U18. 


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