Is Maria Julia Mazalli Vinicius Junior’s wife?

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In December 2018, Vinicius Junior gave an interview about his personal life, specifically whether he had a girlfriend. He categorically denied any existence of a romantic relationship by answering – No, no, nobody. I am in the prime of my life.

Vinicius Junior was only 18 when he answered. A few months later, he was dating a reality TV star and internet personality, Maria Julia Mazalli. But is she Vinicius Junior’s wife?

Who is Vinicius Jr. dating?

As of 2024, Vinicius Junior is dating Maria Julia Mazalli, a reality TV star and influencer. Maria Mazalli was born on 30 October 1995 in Marília, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She rose to fame around 2017 when she appeared on the Brazilian reality TV show De Férias com o Ex, loosely translated to On vacation with the ex. The show is based on the British television series Ex on the Beach.

What does Maria Mazalli do?

Maria Julia Mazalli, also known as Maju Mazalli, is a Brazilian Instagram model, social media personality, and reality TV star. She appeared in season two of De Férias com o Ex for nine episodes in 2017.

Maria’s exposure to the show allowed her to gain thousands of followers on Instagram. Before her relationship with Vinicius Junior was revealed, Maria had over 446,000 followers on Instagram.

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Thus, she was already an influencer and blogger before meeting Vinicius Junior. Maria Julia uses her Instagram page to document more about fashion, beauty, travel, and real-life experiences.

She has promoted many products and brands on her Instagram page. Some of the brands or products she has worked with include Prudence, 2youfitness, and Diesel Brazil.

Although she has worked with many brands, Maria Julia Mazalli is the brand ambassador for Fashion Nova.

When did Vinicius Jr. and Maria Julia Mazalli start dating?

Maria Julia Mazailli
Maria Julia Mazailli. Image: X/DetectiveOFC

Maria Júlia Mazalli and Vinicius Jr started dating in 2019. But before their relationship went public, their fans had to spot something peculiar with the two.

While their followers speculated they were dating, Vinicius Junior denied reports and never made any public statement about their relationship. However, the two had already given hints of their relationship on Instagram.

For example, the couple exchanged likes and comments on Instagram. Vinicius left a heart emoticon under one of Mazali’s posts.

Then, Vinicius and Mazalli unwittingly shared separate photographs of themselves in the same bathroom. The bathroom belonged to Vinicius.

Fans noticed that the towels inside the bathroom matched despite being two separate photos. And after the report by Lance magazine came out, their relationship became public.

Since then, they have shared photos of themselves on their socials. Also, Maria is always in the stands supporting Vinicius whenever he plays for Real Madrid or Brazil.

Is Maria Julia Mazalli Vinicius Junior’s wife?

As of 2024, Maria Julia Mazalli is not Vinicius Jr’s wife. Although the two have been together since 2019, they have never announced their engagement. Therefore, they are not married.  

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Mazalli’s relationship history

Vinicius Junior is not the first man Maria Julia Mazalli has dated. The Instagram influencer has been in a relationship before.

Maria Mazalli appeared on De Férias com o Ex in 2017. The show brings together ten single men and women enjoying a summer holiday while looking for love.

However, things become difficult when their exes join them. The exes are there to either rekindle their love or revenge.

When Maria Julia Mazalli appeared in season two, her ex-boyfriend was introduced as Fagner Sousa. The two dated before season two of the show began in 2017.

What is the age difference between Vinicius Junior and Maria Julia?

Maria Julia Mazalli is 5 years older than Vinicius Junior. The Instagram model is 29 as of 2024, born on 30 October 1995, while the Real Madrid striker is 24 as of 2024, born on 12 July 2000.

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  1. Age is just a number.
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  2. He has to find a woman of her age who will understand in his situations all the time, age matters in life, however if he believes that the woman can take care of him then it’s okay.


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