Meet Mason Greenwood’s parents, Melanie and Andrew Greenwood

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Mason Greenwood is a young, talented footballer who plays forward for La Liga club Getafe, on loan from Manchester United. He joined the Manchester United academy when he was six, which he credits to his parents’ support and encouragement.

Born of multiethnic parents, the English footballer hails from an athletic family as his sister, Ashton, is a track athlete. Read more about his parents, Melanie and Andrew Greenwood, and his family, ethnicity, and impact on his football career.

Where is Mason Greenwood originally from?

Mason Greenwood, an English footballer, was born on October 1, 2001, to English and Jamaican parents in Bradford, Yorkshire.

He was raised in Wibsey, where he spent his childhood playing football and improving his skills.

What is Mason Greenwood’s parents’ nationality?

Andrew Greenwood is of English descent, while Melanie is of Jamaican descent. Thus, this makes Mason an English and Jamaican nationality.

Due to his multinationalism, he is eligible to represent England or Jamaica on an international level.

Melanie and Andrew Greenwood
Melanie and Andrew Greenwood. Image: Getty Images

Since he has played for England in youth international football in under-15, under-17, under-18, and under-21 teams, he has decided to play for England. He also played for the England senior level in 2020.

Despite the skills and goals he scored in the 2021-22 season, he was not selected to represent England in the 2022 World Cup.

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Who is Melanie Greenwood?

Melanie Greenwood is Mason Greenwood’s mother, who is of Jamaican nationality. She was a housewife in the early years of raising Mason and his older sister, Ashton.  

There is little information about her because she avoids the public limelight. Despite that, she is a major contributor to her son’s success and instilled humility and discipline since he was young.  

Who is Andrew Greenwood?

Andrew Greenwood is Mason’s father and is from England. He worked as an engineer and, with Melanie, raised their children in a loving and supportive family. He is Mason’s agent, and his son is his only agent.

When the court dropped the charges against his son, he got compensation for his agency business when his son, who is also his client, were inactive.

According to The Daily Mail, his company’s assets rose from £1.125m to £1.575m this year when his son was inactive. That means he earned £450,000 from the trial.

His son’s image rights company had its assets rise by £341,000 to almost £1m when Manchester United banned him, and the court charged him with rape and assault resulting in bodily harm to his ex-girlfriend Harriet Robson.  

How did Mason Greenwood’s parents support his football career?

Mason Greenwood playing
Mason Greenwood playing during a match. Image: Twitter/UTDMist

The former Manchester United footballer exhibited his talent and passion for football at a young age. Since his family valued sports and athletics, they enrolled him in the Manchester United Academy at six.

Mason Greenwood’s family was of middle-class background and resided in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. His father has positively influenced Mason and fully supported him as a father figure.

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Melanie, on the other hand, has contributed to his great upbringing and humble personality. She believed in providing an environment to nurture her children’s talents and achieve their dreams and goals.  

On October 2022, Mason was arrested and charged on allegations of rape and assault on his ex-girlfriend. His parents stood by him during the entire trial and attended all his court hearings. The charges were dropped this year due to the withdrawal of key witnesses. 

His parents are still together and live in Manchester, close to the English footballer’s residence. They are also Christians and raised their children under the Christian religion.

Who are Mason Greenwood’s siblings?

Mason Greenwood has an older sister, Ashton, a track athlete who runs in 200m and 400m track events. She is a sprinter for Trafford and studies under a sports scholarship at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The two siblings excel at their field of expertise as their parents value sports and athletics and fully supported them at a young age, despite them not pursuing sports professionally.


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  1. Mason is a young man and appears to be from a stable family with good values. He should be afforded the opportunity to recover from the indiscretions of his youth, in keeping with the decision of the court.

  2. This young lad is still a valuable asset to our team .Being here as a woman supporter in Africa where democracy is mostly flaunted, dropping Greenwood was the most shocking act I expected to see after the real courts of democracy had ruled unless if British people are saying they no longer have confidence in their courts like us here. It’s sad and embarrassing at the same time.


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