Mbappe’s haircuts: Best hairstyles to inspire your next trim

In the dazzling world of football, skill and style often collide, with football players gracing the field with signature haircuts.

It is no exception that Kylian Mbappe falls into this category, where his football prowess and style capture the attention of fans worldwide.

The young French footballer has become a trendsetter in his career with his fashion taste and daring hairstyles.

His ever-evolving haircut styles are a way of self-expression, reflecting his energetic personality and marking his growth in football.

Read more of this article, where we venture into the fascinating journey of Mbappe’s haircuts and the significance behind each style.

1. Buzz cut

Kylian Mbappe rocking the buzz cut.
Kylian Mbappe rocking the buzz cut. Image: Instagram/k.mbappe

The buzz cut is Mbappe’s hairstyle that he rocked in the early years of his football career. You can easily achieve it with electric clippers, and who better to do it than his barber, Ahmed Alsanawi?

The celebrity barber owns the A Star Barber, famous for cutting athletes’ hair, including Paul Pogba and Jack Grealish.

This new haircut includes waves towards the front, styled by brushing his hair at the front or wearing a durag.

The haircut expresses a sense of focus and determination and mirrors his youthness. The buzz cut is a short and simple hairstyle that looks good on anyone and is best for athletes who travel a lot.

2. Blonde hair

Kylian Mbappe in blonde hair
Kylian Mbappe with blonde hair. Image: Instagram/k.mbappe

When Mbappe kicked off his career at Paris Saint-Germain, he made his move with a blonde haircut that captured the attention of many.

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As such, he became one of the many footballers who made a bold and creative statement with coloured hairstyles.

He revealed his bold blond haircut on his 19th birthday, which he posted on Instagram under the caption,

“White hair for my birthday.”

Mbappe’s hair colour marked his transformation in his personal and professional life and made a statement that described his boldness and youth vibrancy.

3. Blue hair

 Kylian Mbappe in blue hair
Kylian Mbappe. Image: Instagram/mbappe7grand

Mbappe’s haircut was creatively transitioned from white to baby blue. He showed that he is not afraid of daring to experiment with different colours.

The hairstyle surprised his fans in December 2020, and he posted on Instagram with the caption,

“Wednesday in Paris.”

Mbappe’s blue hair perfectly matched his Nike shoes and PSG jacket. His hairstyle received mixed reactions, but former teammate Neymar praised him for the bold and good look.

Mbappe’s haircuts are inspired by Zinedine Zidane, a football legend he admired growing up, but he wanted to switch it up to blend with his features.

4. Buzzed fade

Kylian Mbappe rocking the buzzed fade haircut
Kylian Mbappe rocking the buzzed fade haircut. Image: Instagram/k.mbappe

The buzzed fade is one of Mbappe’s haircuts that combines buzz cut and skin fade.

The haircut gives the French footballer a contemporary contrasting look while maintaining his authentic and stylish look.

It includes a transition from the top of the hair and skin fade that blends in on the sides.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it comes with variations of skin fades that can be done low or on the middle high.

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As for Mbappe, he opts for a middle or high skin fade, which is a definition that helps him explore his style.

5. Pink hair

Kylian Mbappe in pink  hair
Kylian Mbappe in pink hair. Image: X/CFC_Janty

There were speculations and debates about Mbappe’s pink hair, which trended after he had blonde and baby blue hair.

However, this was a case of the Mandela effect since Neymar was the one who dyed his hair pink. Mbappe has never had pink hair but only blue and blond hair.

The confusion and debate arose because the two footballers, teammates at the time, had bold hairstyles simultaneously.

The pink statement, however, did not surprise fans since Neymar is known for his questionable hairstyles, which he changes frequently after every season.


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