Sadio Mané’s charity work in Senegal and beyond

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Sadio Mané joined Liverpool FC from Southampton FC in 2016. He signed a contract that saw him receive a weekly salary of $126,180.

Mane used the money to improve the lives of his people in his home of Bambali, Senegal. Now with a net worth of approximately $25 million, Sadio Mané has used his wealth to build hospitals and schools and donate to charity.

Sadio Mané’s charity goes beyond building crucial infrastructure for his village. He also provides a monthly stipend to his people to ensure nobody sleeps hungry. So, what are some of his good deeds?

What are the contributions of Sadio Mané in Senegal?

Sadio Mané’s good deeds started around 2019. Here are some things he has donated.

1. Constructed a school in a village

In 2019, Sadio Mané donated over $300,000 to build a school in his hometown of Bambali, Senegal.

2. Sadio Mané’s village has internet

Sadio Mané worked with an internet service provider to supply 4G internet to his village.

The locals can now use the internet, not only for educational purposes, but also to connect to the world and probably watch some of his games.

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3. He donated laptops to school-going children

School children receive laptops donation from Sadio Mané
School children receive laptops donated by Sadio Mané. Image: Twitter/Africa Facts Zone

Besides building a school, Sadio Mané has helped facilitate learning for his villagers. He has donated laptops to all school-going children in his village.

Additionally, he handed out a donation of $400 to the best students of Bambali High School.

4. Sadio gifted villagers with sports gear

In 2018, Sadio Mané donated 300 Liverpool FC shirts to his people of Bambali. He wanted them to wear the kits during the 2018 Champions League final, where his Liverpool FC side lost 3-1 to Real Madrid.

Mane has also sent his villagers more jerseys, clothes, and shoes.

5. Sadio Mane has built more infrastructure in his village

Besides a school and hospital, Sadio Mané has helped finance the construction of his village’s post office and petrol station.

A hospital Sadio mane built in Bambali
Sadio Mané Hospital in Bambali. Image:Twitter/Christian Imela

The post office now supplies services to his village and surrounding villages. The player also built a stadium in his village.

6. He commissioned a stipend to families in Bambali

Sadio Mané moved to Bayern Munich in July 2022. As a result, his weekly wages increased significantly from $126,180 to $463,683.

Because of his significant wages, Sadio Mané donates part of his salary to his villages. So, he commissioned a stipend that pays €70 monthly to each family in his 2,000-person hometown of Bambali.

What charities does Sadio Mané donate to?

Sadio Mané rarely appears on camera when donating to charity. However, the work he has done in Senegal is there for everyone to see.

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The Bayern Munich forward has spent more than £700,000 or $860,000 to construct schools, hospitals, a stadium, a petrol station, post office, and introduced 4G internet in his village.

A petrol station in Bambali built by Sadio Mané
A petrol station that Sadio Mané built-in Bambali. Image: Twitter/Africafactszone

But Mane continues to donate more to his village as he plays in Germany.

In 2020, he received the inaugural French Football Socrates Award for his charity work.

How much does Sadio Mané donate to Senegal?

In 2021, Sadio Mané financed the construction of a new hospital in Bambali. He spent $684,932 to build the hospital.

After the construction, he inaugurated and handed the hospital to the Senegalese government.

The hospital has an A&E department, maternity care, dental facilities, and consulting rooms. It now serves 34 villages in the surrounding area of Bambali. 

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. With many people suffering and no vaccine, the Senegalese government needed funds to fight the virus.

Sadio Mané came in and donated $52,564 to the Senegalese national committee fighting COVID-19.

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