Is Trent Alexander-Arnold Muslim? Everything You Need to Know

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s religion has been a topic of discussion among fans for quite some time. 

He has often given the impression of being both Muslim and Christian. Unfortunately, he hasn’t declared his faith publicly, making fans speculate even more about it.

The English right-back has been seen praying like a Muslim before a match. However, he attended Christian schools all his life. 

Is Trent Alexander-Arnold Muslim? Read on to learn more about the footballer’s religion. 

He Has Never Publicly Expressed His Religious Beliefs

Why are fans convinced that Trent Alexander is Muslim? Many hashtags on TikTok claim that the English footballer is a Muslim because he prays like one

Additionally, he has been seen celebrating victories with his Muslim teammates, such as Mo Salah, making people further believe that he is Muslim.

The footballer has never publicly expressed his religious beliefs, and there is no evidence that he attends mosques or engages in Islamic practices.

In addition, there’s no particular praying stance that Christians or Muslims should adopt.

He Has English Names Instead of Muslim Names

Alexander's name and the city he calls home may be proof that he is a Christian
Trent’s name and the city he calls home may be sufficient proof that he is a Christian. Image: Facebook/Trent Alexander-Arnold

Where are Trent Alexander-Arnold’s parents from? His mother is American, which means she may be Christian. Christianity is the most popular religion in the United States, accounting for 73.7%.

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As for his father, he hails from Liverpool. Catholicism is the dominant denomination here, which means he may be Catholic. Earlier on, we covered Trent’s parents and background in detail.

So, is Trent Alexander-Arnold Muslim? Well, his ethnicity proves he is not affiliated with the Islamic religion. 

In addition, the footballer has English names instead of Islamic names like Ahmed, Hassan, or Mohammed.

He Attended Catholic Schools and Lived in Liverpool While Young

Trent was born in Liverpool. According to Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool has higher Catholic representation than other parts of England. 

Since he has lived here for most of his life, it’s safe to assume he may be Catholic. Furthermore, he has attended St. Matthew’s Catholic Primary School and St. Mary’s College, Crosby.

One key characteristic of Catholic education is encouraging students to foster a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

He Donates During Christmas

Around Christmastime in 2023, Trent helped set up 2,000 packages for the homeless people at the  Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool
Trent helped set up 2,000 packages for homeless people at the Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool around Christmas in 2023. Image: liverpoolechouk

In Islamic culture, Muslims give a portion of their wealth (Zakat) to charity annually. 

However, Muslims don’t give donations to others of different faiths during their religious festival. That means they will hardly donate anything during Christmas unless you need their help. 

So, is Trent Alexander-Arnold Muslim? The footballer may not be Muslim because he has an initiative where he donates items to homeless organizations during Christmas.

In this initiative, he works with the Whitechapel Center. Every year, they distribute emergency packages to 2,000 individuals. 

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Despite not declaring his faith openly, his actions may prove that Trent Alexander-Arnold’s religion is Christianity. 

Think about it. Would a non-Christian observe Christmas by donating? They will likely visit their parents or go on vacation.

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