Alexia Putellas’ partner and relationship history

In 2022, Amazon Prime Video released a documentary about Alexia Putellas titled Alexia: Labor Omnia Vincit. Although the documentary showed her personal life, it never revealed the existence of Alexia Putellas’ boyfriend.

Many people are curious about the footballer’s partner because she does not speak about her relationships. So, who is the Spanish midfielder dating?

Here is more information about Alexia Putellas’ partner and dating history.

Alexia Putellas is a Spanish professional footballer from Catalonia. She was born on 4 February 1984 in Mollet del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain.

She plays midfielder and is the Liga F club FC Barcelona captain and the Spain women’s national team.

Alexia is Spain’s most decorated female footballer, having won all major club and individual awards available to a European player and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

She is dating Olga Rios

The Liga F midfielder has secretly been in a relationship with Olga Rios. According to Spanish media, the couple has been together since 2022.

Initially, the Spanish footballer never told the public she was dating Olga Rios, a celebrity representative. But she became more open about it when she began uploading photos of Rios on her Instagram page.

Olga Rios is currently dating Alexia Putellas
Olga Rios is said to date Alexia Putellas. Photo: instagram/olgarios

In the summer of 2023, the paparazzi captured Alexia Putellas and Olga Rios having a good time in Ibiza. Also, during a Champions League final in Eindhoven, a video went viral on TikTok showing Alexia going to the stands and embracing Olga.

The video was the first confirmation that Olga was officially Alexia Putellas’ partner. But although they have shown public affection, the couple has not confirmed whether they are dating.

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Olga is a well-known representative of influencers and celebrities, which has earned her notoriety in the entertainment world. Her work involves creating alternative content on behalf of celebrities on social media.

Olga’s experience in the entertainment industry has allowed her to establish solid relationships with actors, musicians, and other professionals in the artistic field.

As a representative, she works to manage her clients’ careers, negotiating contracts, securing career opportunities, and providing support.

She is rumoured to have dated Jennifer Hermoso

What is Alexia Putellas’ relationship history? The Liga F midfielder does not have a long history of partners. However, many believe that Putellas was in a relationship with Jennifer Hermoso.

Jenni Hermoso is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for the Spain women’s national team and Liga MX Femenil club CF Pachuca. She was born on 9 May 1990 in Madrid, Spain.

Jennifer Hermoso at a field
Jennifer Hermoso. Image: X/AfDeportiva_

The pair first met at FC Barcelona in 2013, forming a deep friendship that helped them become more effective on the pitch.

Their bond grew stronger, making people conclude they were romantically involved. Rumors of Jennifer being Alexia Putellas’ partner started in 2022 when they were captured on camera displaying affection towards each other.

The duo even participated in LGBTQ+ activities in Madrid in 2019. Despite their closeness, Alexia Putellas and Jennifer Hermoso never publicly confirmed whether they were in a relationship.

She remains silent on her sexuality

The Spanish footballer has never publicly claimed to be a lesbian. However, she has participated in many events related to the LGBTQ+ movement.

In 2019, the Spanish footballer was part of the Madrid Pride parade for Madrid lesbian bar Fulanita de Tal.

Despite her silence on sexuality, her relationship history, and how she uploads romantic photos of female companions, she has left it to the media in Spain and the public to conclude that she is a lesbian.

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She has no children

Is Alexia Putellas married? Although she has secretly dated several people, none of the relationships ended in an engagement. Therefore, she remains on the dating scene as of now.

Does Alexia Putellas have a daughter? The show never hinted that the footballer had a child. She does not have a daughter, as some of her fans have suggested.


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