Meet Eliza Kaminski Ferreira – The interesting life of Rivaldo’s wife

Rivaldo Ferreira is a legendary Brazilian footballer widely considered one of the greatest. Aside from being highly prolific for the Brazilian national team, Rivaldo enjoyed successful stints at AC Milan and FC Barcelona.

Besides his football career, Rivaldo is married to Eliza Kaminski after splitting from his first wife, Rose Ferreira.

Eliza has always supported her husband and assisted him in running his businesses aside from caring for their children, including stepchildren.

With that said, here is more information about Eliza Kaminski Ferreira, her background, career, and children.

Eliza Kaminski’s profile summary

Full name:Eliza Kaminski Ferreira
Date of birth: 19th October 1978
Zodiac sign: Aries
Place of birth:Brazil, South America
Current residence: Brazil, South America
Ethnicity: Mixed-raced
Religion: Christian
Height in feet:6’2
Height in centimeters: 188
Hair color: Dark-brown
Eye color: Dark-brown
Relationship status: Married
Partner:Ferreira Rivaldo
Children:(3) Joao Victor Ferreira, Rebeca Ferreira and Isaque Ferreira

She is mixed race

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira sunkissed
Eliza Kaminski Ferreira was born on 19th October 1978. Image: Instagram/elizarivaldo10

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira is the celebrity wife of former Brazilian footballer Rivaldo Ferreira. She was born on 19th October 1978 and reportedly grew up in Brazil in the same hometown as her husband.

What is Eliza Ferreira’s ethnicity? Rivaldo’s wife is mixed-race. She was also raised religiously and identifies as Christian.

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She is the manager for R10 Soccer Schools LLC

Eliza is an entrepreneur. She helps run her husband’s businesses, including his football club, Mogi Mirim.

Eliza Kaminski and Rivaldo have been working together to transform his boyhood club, Mogi Mirim, where he is the club president.

Moreover, Rivaldo’s wife is also reported as R10 Soccer Schools LLC’s manager. She also boasts a significant following on social media, making her flourish as a marketing influencer online.

She is Rivaldo’s second wife

Rivaldo was once married to his first wife, Rose Ferreira, for ten years. The couple married in 1993 and had two children in their union before divorcing in 2003.

Rivaldo’s children from his first marriage are Thamirys Borba Ferreira and Rivaldinho.

The ex-Barcelona star then married his second wife, Eliza Kaminski Ferreira, shortly after. Eliza has since been devoted to her family and raising Rivaldo’s children.

She has three children with Rivaldo

Eliza Kaminski , Rivaldo Ferreira and their three children Joao Victor, Rebeca , and Isaque
Eliza Kaminski, Rivaldo Ferreira, and their three children Joao Victor, Rebeca, and Isaque. Image: Instagram/elizarivaldo10

Aside from being Rivaldo’s children’s stepmother, Eliza has three children with the legendary footballer: Joao Victor Ferreira, Rebeca Ferreira, and Isaque Ferreira.

According to Diario AS, Eliza Kaminski and her daughter Thamirys were involved in a grisly accident along Rodoanel Ring Road, Sao Paulo, in 2016.

However, both only suffered minor injuries and were discharged from hospital.

She is married to a Ballon d’Or winner

Who is Rivaldo Vitor Borba Ferreira? He is a former Brazilian footballer who was a second striker or attacking midfielder.

He plied his trade for prominent European clubs, such as FC Barcelona and AC Milan, and was one of the most skilled players of his generation.

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A creative figure in the midfield, Rivaldo won the 1999 Ballon d’Or alongside the FIFA World Player of the Year.

Moreover, the list of illustrious awards and trophies in his career includes the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League.

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