How to become a soccer agent in South Africa

Soccer is the most popular sport in South Africa, and many young people aspire to become agents. If you are passionate about the game and have a keen eye for talent, becoming a soccer agent could be your ideal career choice.

However, becoming a soccer agent in South Africa can be daunting, with strict regulations and tough competition.

You must go through the necessary steps, from registering with the relevant authorities to building a network of contacts and scouting for talent.

Here are detailed steps explaining how to become a soccer agent in South Africa.

1. Complete the SAFA-accredited soccer agent course

Can anyone be a soccer agent? Anyone can be a soccer agent in South Africa. The country does not impose formal qualifications. Here is what you should do:

  • You must fill out an application form with the South African Football Association.
  • Complete the SAFA-accredited soccer agent course.
  • Apply for a personal tax clearance from the South African Revenue Service.
  • Apply for a clearance certificate from the South African Police Service.
  • Submit two identity photographs to SAFA.
  • Pay SAFA R5,000.

You may need additional licensing to become a soccer agent in South Africa.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow the FIFA guidelines on registering as a football agent since all football associations, including SAFA, license agents based on these guidelines.

South African Football Association(SAFA) logo
South African Football Association(SAFA) logo. Image: Facebook/

Here are steps to follow to register as a football agent on FIFA:

  • Submit a complete application via the FIFA Agent Platform.
  • Comply with the eligibility requirements.
  • Pass the FIFA agent exam, which has a pass mark of 75%.
  • Pay an annual fee to FIFA.
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2. Get the FIFA agent license

After passing the exam and paying the annual fee within 90 days, you will receive a soccer agent license to operate as a football agent. The license authorizes you to conduct Football Agent Services worldwide.

How much is the FIFA agent license? The annual license fee an agent must pay to FIFA is $600.

The amount is always due by 30 September each year, as stipulated on the FIFA Agent Platform. One must pay the fee electronically via the FIFA Agent Platform.

FIFA Headquarters in Zurich
FIFA Headquarters in Zurich. Image: Getty Images

3. Build a network of industry professionals

After you have become a soccer agent in South Africa, you must build a network of contacts. You can start by attending soccer games, tournaments, and other events to meet players, coaches, and agents.

Networking can help you locate new clients and develop ties with other industry professionals. To get exposure, work with local clubs.

4. Find and market good players

Building a network is only part of the process. It would help if you also scouted for talent, as this is what being a soccer agent is about.

You need to identify players with potential and help them develop their skills. You can identify these players at local academies, local tournaments, and PSL.

After finding a player, market them to clubs and other agents. Consider creating a player profile highlighting their strengths and achievements.

5. Negotiate contracts for your clients

After you have found clubs for your clients, negotiate endorsement deals and contracts for them as they concentrate on playing football.

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Do football agents get paid? A soccer agent’s salary depends on the commission on the contracts they negotiate for their clients. The commission typically ranges from 1% to 10% of the player’s contract.

However, the average gross salary of a sports agent in South Africa is R624,347, equivalent to R300 hourly. Furthermore, soccer agents in South Africa earn an average bonus of R27,097.


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