Top 10 football agents looking for players in Africa

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African players who want to play for top clubs worldwide must work with licensed agents for transfers and contract negations.

Agents are crucial because they arrange commercial deals and represent a player’s best interests at a club.

In Africa, several agents and agencies have helped many African players sign with top clubs in Africa and Europe.

Most of these agents scout young or talented players, sign them with their agencies, and work towards finding them an excellent club to build their careers.

In 2015, FIFA introduced some regulations that require players and football clubs to only deal with licensed agents. And since Africa has many agents, players must determine the best individuals to represent them.

So, who are the football agents looking for players in Africa? While many agents are on the continent, these are the most popular in no particular order.

1. Geofrey Kayemba – Tafag Sports Agency, Uganda

Geofrey Kayemba is one of the best football agents looking for players in Africa
Geofrey Kayemba

Geofrey Kayemba is a Ugandan FIFA intermediary and football agent at Tafag Sports Agency in Uganda. He deals with Ugandan players and is recognised by CECAFA organisations.

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Geofrey Kayemba’s agency represents Ugandan international Khalid Aucho and Derrick Kakooza. Khalid Aucho plays in Tanzania for Young Africans FC, and Derrick Kakooza plays in Egypt for ENPPI SC.

2. Augustine Ramaita – Shujaa Sports Management, Kenya

Augustine Ramaita
Augustine Ramaita

Augustine Ramaita is one of the top football agents in Kenya. He is the CEO of Shujaa Sports Management, an agency representing African footballers. His agency’s offices are in Nairobi, Kenya.

Augustine Ramaita mostly manages Kenyan players. His clients include Joash Onyango of Simba SC, Musa Mohammed and Francis Kahata of Kenya Police FC, Duncan Otieno of Gaborone United, and Teddy Osok of Tusker FC.

3. John Shittu – John Olatunji Shittu Agency, Nigeria

John Olatunji Shittu
John Olatunji Shittu

John Shittu owns and manages the John Olatunji Shittu Agency based in Nigeria. He has more than 30 years of experience as a football agent.

John Shittu is the agent of former Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel. His agency has handled Mikel’s transfers throughout his career and has negotiated transfer fees of more than €20 million on behalf of his client.

4. Diomansy Kamara – Diomansy Kamara Football Management, Senegal

Diomansy Kamara
Diomansy Kamara

Diomansy Kamara is one of the best football agents in Africa. He runs the Diomansy Kamara Football Management in Senegal.

The English Football Association (FA) and other football associations in Europe recognise his DK Football Agency.

Diomansy’s agency manages the sporting careers of Senegalese and international players, whether young or established footballers.

For example, his agency helped secure the transfer of Senegalese forward Nicolas Jackson to Villarreal in 2019.

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5. Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse – P Management, South Africa

Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse
Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse

Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse is an accredited FIFA agent and one of the best football agents looking for players in South Africa.

She founded P Management, an agency representing footballers and coaches in South Africa.

Karabo Mathang-Tshabuse has many professional players and coaches under her management.

Some of her clients are Thembinkosi Lorch of Orlando Pirates, Yusuf Maart of Kaizer Chiefs, and Cassius Mailula of Mamelodi Sundowns.

6. Michael Sodeke – Anfield Lane Sports Promotion, Nigeria

Michael Sodeke
Michael Sodeke

Michael Sodeke is a FIFA Football Agents Working Group member and an accredited player agent. He runs the Anfield Lane Sports Promotion based in Nigeria.

His inclusion on this football agents list is because of his many years of experience as a football agent in Nigeria. Michael Sodeke has worked with Seun Akinyemi and Thomas Adesina.

7. Mike Makaab – ProSport International, South Africa

Mike Makaab
Mike Makaab

Mike Makaab is a football agent based in Durban, South Africa. He is the founder and managing director of ProSport International.

As one of the best football agents in South Africa, Makaab’s agency deals with contract negotiations, sponsorships, endorsements, taxes, and financial planning.

Mike Makaab’s agency represents players from across Africa and Europe. Some of the players under the agency play in South Africa and Europe.

For example, Mike is the agent of Zimbabwean striker, Knowledge Musona, who plays for Anderlecht in Belgium.

His agency also represents South Africa’s Sphephelo Sithole, who plays for Vitória Setúbal, and Greece’s Spyros Fourlanos, who plays for Club Brugge in Belgium.

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8. Ojo Paul – TGC Global Management Limited, Nigeria

Ojo Paul omamomo
Ojo Paul omamomo

Ojo Paul is a Nigerian football agent based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a registered Nigeria Football Federation Intermediary and P Sports Limited and TGC Global Management Limited founder.

Ojo Paul has been part of negotiations for top football players in Nigeria and Europe. The players he has represented before are Wilfred Ndidi of Leicester City FC and Isaac Success of Watford FC.

Furthermore, Ojo Paul played a significant role in purchasing C.D. Feirense by Nigerian businessman Kunle Soname.

9. Yves Tamegnon Amagbegnon – Tamegnon Consulting, Ivory Coast

Yves Tamegnon Amagbegnon
Yves Tamegnon Amagbegnon with a player that he represents.

Yves Tamegnon Amagnegnon is an Ivorian football agent based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He is the founder and director of Tamegnon Consulting.

Yves Tamegnon specialises in identifying young football talents in the Ivory Coast and finding new football clubs for them locally and internationally.

His most renowned clients are Adamo Nagalo of FC Nordsjaelland, Eboue Kouassi of KCR Genk, and Abdoulaye Diarrassouba of Boluspor.

Tamegnon Consulting has negotiated over €3.28 million in client transfer fees.

10. Ryan Hartslief – Bigtime Sports Agency

Ryan Hartslief
Ryan Hartslief poses for a photo with a player

Ryan Hartslief is an ex-FIFA licensed agent. However, he is a director at Bigtime Sports Agency, a South African organisation that consults on amateur and professional footballing careers.

Bigtime Sports Agency advises on player representation, arranges and outsources trials, finds offers for players where possible, and offers advice on contract negotiations.

In addition, the agency has been involved in international transfers to top European and Asian football leagues. ​

Have football agents represented African players well? And what should they do to attract more talent in future? Let us know if you’ve ever interacted with a football agent.



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  1. I send greetings to all. I am Kirunda Reuben from Uganda. I have just joined Proline Academy at the age of 16. I am a forward winger with both feet and am looking for an opportunity to rise up my career and achieve my goals. I am looking for an agent to help me get a better chance. Thank you.

  2. I am Mohan Hamfred from Uganda. I am looking for a football agent. My current team is Kyaterekera FC at Kagadi and I play left-back.

  3. I am ready to do everything to become a pro-footballer. I am aged 17yrs old and I can play as a central/attacking midfielder and even in both wings. I have played in national for secondary schools soccer. Kindly help me. Ugandan man “proud of Africa.”

  4. Hi everyone I am Achiek David from South Sudan. With the passion and talent of playing soccer, I play as an attacking midfielder and a striker
    I play with both feet. At the moment, I play at the regional level. But with the help of our fellow football agents I hope to make it further in playing at the professional level. I am 15 years old and I live in Juba South Sudan

  5. My name is Emmanuel Suleiman. I am a 16-year old from Nigeria based in Warri. I am a footballer who has played for several teams and all I want is an opportunity to play professionally.
    Position: Striker
    Strong foot: Both
    Thanks for considering me

  6. My name is Roberto Curlos and I am a striker who plays no. 9,7, and 11. I am a Kenyan and my dream has always been to play football abroad and to become a renowned player like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I would be so much grateful incase of a positive response from any football academy worldwide. Thank you in advance.

  7. My name is safero Abubakar from Ghana. I am a professional footballer looking for football agents so that I can fulfill my dream to become well renowned footballer in the globe . Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  8. Hello, My name is Ryan Wekesa.
    -Region -Kenya, Nairobi
    – Experience-played in a few tournaments for my school, as well as a healthy amount of matches.
    I’m looking to get in an academy to fully fulfill my potential and become the best footballer I can become. I’m willing to join any academy so I can chase my dreams as a footballer. Thank you for considering me..

  9. Good day my name is Patrick Dalirani. I’m from Malawi right now I’m in Boksburg, South Africa. I am an attacking midfielder actually looking for an opportunity to advance my career only to prove myself on trials and I would love to join the club as well to showcase myself.

  10. My name is Samuel Saviour and I am looking for a football agent so that one day I can fulfill my dream. I am 19 years old.

  11. Allow me to provide you with some background information about myself. My name is Gift Nyanda and I am a 22 year-old soccer player currently playing for local club in my area where I have been for the past years. I play as a striker and now as a defender and have consistently demonstrated my dedication to the sport through hard work, discipline, and a strong commitment to improving my skills.

    My passion for soccer was ignited at a young age, and I have devoted countless hours to honing my abilities on the field. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with several talented coaches who have helped me refine my technique, develop a deep understanding of the game, and enhance my tactical knowledge. As a result, I have had the opportunity to represent my club in various local and regional competitions, consistently performing at a high level.

    While I am proud of my achievements thus far, I believe that the time has come for me to take the next step in my career and explore opportunities at a higher level of competition. I am confident in my abilities and believe that, with the right guidance and representation, I can make a significant impact on the professional soccer scene.

    I am particularly interested in your agency because of your strong network of contacts within the soccer industry, both domestically and internationally. Your ability to negotiate favorable contracts and secure opportunities for your clients is well-known, and I am eager to have you as an advocate on my behalf.

    If you are willing to consider representing me, I would be more than happy to meet with you in person to discuss the details of our potential partnership. I am open to any advice and feedback you may have regarding my career, and I am committed to working tirelessly to achieve our shared goals.

  12. Please my name is  Nunadoe Dorfiah I am a Striker playing in Ghana I’m looking for an opportunity to advance my career only to prove my self on trials and I’d love the opportunity to join team training to showcase myself.

  13. I’m Abdulkareem a 13 year old Nigerian attacking midfielder who currently stays in Angola and have no way of getting clubs to take me. I want to play in Europe along with other good players because I like competition and I have an aim to go pro.

  14. My name is Benedict Afriyie. I am a Ghanaian. I have played in regional levels but I want to play as a professional footballer. Please help me.

  15. Am Collins Boahen, am from Ghana and am a football player, am 17 years old and am talented. Am a forwarder and I play both legs, please help me out

  16. My name is Alexander Bethel am 16 years old and am from Nigeria base in Port Harcourt and I am a footballer who have played for teams and all I want is to play professionally I just need a little opportunity.
    Position: Striker
    Strong foot: Right
    Thanks for considering me .

  17. My name is Sufyan Sodiq, I’m 19 years old from Nigeria I have played football in the regional level and I want to continue my goal of becoming a professional footballer,
    Position: left winger/ midfielder
    Best foot: left foot/ both

    • My name is Samuel Favour Jomoh
      I am 18 years’ old
      I am from Sierra Leone
      I have played football in all regional levels and I want to continue my goal of becoming a professional footballer
      Position: Left back defender and I can play central defense
      Best foot: Left foot/ both

      • I’m Sakhile Mabena, I’m 20 years of age. I play soccer for CPUT FC, I play both wings, attacking midfielder(versatile attacking player). I’ve never played in any high leagues such as SAB, ABC Motsepe, NFD nor the PSL. I’m still an amateur footballer trying to make it pro in South Africa and abroad.


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