List of 5 football agents and agencies in Uganda

Silvester Gachinga

Football agents are important as they arrange commercial deals by representing a player’s best interests at a club.

FIFA introduced new regulations requiring players and football clubs to deal solely with licensed agents for transfers and contract negotiations.

The top football agents and agencies in Uganda have been responsible for scouting talents, signing them under their agencies, and working towards finding a prospective club that fits their profile and builds their careers.

Here is a list of the best football agents and agencies in Uganda representing various players.

1. Geoffrey Kayemba- Tafag Sports Agency, Uganda

Geoffrey Kayemba holding a bag
Geoffrey Kayemba. Image: X/watchdogug

Geoffrey Kayemba is a Ugandan-born FIFA intermediary and the head of football at the Tafag Sports Agency. He is particularly renowned in the CECAFA region for facilitating the move of Ugandan players to Europe.

The Ugandan football agents’ contacts are vast, and he was once reportedly in contact with the Glasgow Rangers to sign Ugandan midfielder Aucho Khalid.

He currently represents Khalid Aucho, who plays for Young Africans in the Tanzanian Premier League, and Derrick Kakooza, who plies his trade for Egyptian side ENPPI SC.

2. Abraham Luzzi

Abraham Luzzi talking
Abraham Luzzi. Image: X/KirashaSport

Abraham Luzzi, alias Mr Economy, is a prominent businessman, philanthropist, and agent.

Luzzi is one of the top football agents in Uganda who was accredited and licensed by FIFA and has played a crucial role in scouting talent around the CECAFA region.

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Luzzi was driven by his deep desire to assist footballers and provide them with valuable connections and opportunities through his intermediary prowess.

However, in 2022, he received a 10-year ban from football by the Ugandan Football Association Ethics and Disciplinary Committee with two other officials, James Kaweesa and David Isabirye, for alleged match-fixing.

3. Swaibu Bana Luyombya-Kawuulu Foundation

Swaibu Bana Luyombya
Swaibu Bana Luyombya.Image:/Swiftsports Uganda

Among the list of football agencies in Uganda and their contacts is the Kawuulu Foundation. This foundation is located in Lugazi, Buikwe District in Uganda.

The foundation sponsors Lugazi FC and has recently partnered with FIFA-accredited player intermediaries Swaibu Luyombya and Sentongo.

After the agent’s approval, FUFA and FIFA recognized Swaibu by obliging them to pay a security guarantee of $1,000. This is alongside meeting the set requirements by FIFA.

They are licensed to represent any Ganda Boys FC players, and the two intermediaries have been heavily involved in scouting talent in Uganda.

4. Fred Ronald Niwagira Mwine

Fred Ronald Niwagira Mwine
Fred Ronald Niwagira Mwine. Image:Instagram/kawowosports

Fred Ronaldo Niwagira is also on the list of the top football agents and agencies in Uganda. FIFA accredits him under the license UGA-1707013.

He is a former football sports journalist who worked with UBC West radio, stationed in Uganda.

Niwagira is also licensed and certified by the FUFA Competitions Director and head of the ITC. He is now certified and obliged to conduct the sale of players on their behalf.

5. Muwonge Lawrence Matovu

Muwonge Lawrence Matovu
Muwonge Lawrence Matovu. Image:Watchdog Uganda

Muwonge Lawrence Matovu joined the ranks of FIFA-accredited intermediaries in 2017. Previously a school director at Buddo Secondary School, he fulfilled all the requirements after paying the bare minimum fee of $1,000.

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He is registered under number 862511001 and legalized to facilitate player transfers from Uganda.



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