Thierry Henry’s ethnicity and parents: Is he African?

Stephanie Beatrice

Thierry Henry, a French football coach, pundit, broadcaster, and former football player, has made headlines as one of the most gifted footballers of his era.

Currently the football manager of the France national U-21 team, he attributes his success to his family and earlier exposure to football by his parents.

Read more of the article that dives deeper into Thierry Henry’s ethnicity, family background, and siblings.

He is of Antillean heritage with French-West Indian ancestry

Is Thierry Henry African? No. The French football pundit and coach was born in Les Ulis, France, to Antonie and Maryse Henry, who come from the French West Indies.

Thierry Henry’s father is from Guadeloupe, specifically La Désirade island, while his mother is from Martinique, an island in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies.

Thus, Thierry Henry’s ethnicity is Antillean, his ancestry tracing back to the islands of the Caribbean in the French West Indies.

He grew up in a broken family

Thierry Henry’s parents divorced when he was eight, but they still performed their parental duties in their children’s lives. It greatly impacted young Henry as he grew up in a family without love, hugs, and affection.

However, his parents are the major reason he pursued football since they pushed him to do so despite having little interest in the sport.

His father would pressure and drive him to the training ground, while his mother constantly encouraged and motivated him.

He had a tough upbringing

Thierry Henry is a football pundit and coach
Thierry Henry was born in Les Ulis, France. Image: Instagram/henry14_official

What was Thierry Henry’s background like? The former Arsenal player’s background entails him growing up in Les Ulis, a suburb of Paris.

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Despite the area being known for its tough neighbourhood, Henry showed great potential in football at the age of six. He believes that who you are reflects how your parents brought you up.

His father, Antonie Henry, raised and trained him determinedly in football, pointing out strategies that didn’t work rather than what did.

Due to his father’s tough upbringing, he developed a shell that would psychologically prepare him when his father told him what he did incorrectly.

Thierry Henry also revealed that the greatest pressure he had in his career was to put a smile on his father’s face.

He added that when he left the dressing room, his father would frown, and not only did his father’s attitude affect his whole career, but also his mindset made him who he was.

In an interview on Kate Abdo’s show Kickin’ It, Henry opened up about seeking approval from his father over anyone else.

The French coach stated that all the things he had heard all the time of how great he was, he wanted to hear all that from his dad.

He later admitted that he would never get that approval from his dad because he never approved anything.

He has two siblings

Thierry Henry is  a former Arsenal striker
Thierry Henry is a former Arsenal striker. Image: X/soomovic

Thierry Henry has an older brother, Willy, a metro driver in Paris. As a child, he played football for a separate team for blacks and Arabs in their hometown, Les Ulis.

Thierry also has another older brother, Dimitri Henry, about whom little is known.

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The former Arsenal striker also reminisced about playing football with his older brothers and was determined to be the best in the house and street.

Through his determination and impressive football skills, he gained recognition and respect from his brother’s local football team and friends.

Thierry Henry’s ethnicity and background have transformed him into the football star he is today.


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