Bukayo Saka’s Parents, Adenike and Yomi Saka, Nationality and Ethnicity

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Bukayo Saka is a popular English footballer for the Arsenal club and the English National Team. He is among the most talented young players in the world as he plays as a midfielder, right winger, or fullback.

He credits his football skills and career to his parents, Adenike and Yomi Saka, who were immigrants who raised him in London. 

Read more to learn about Bukayo Saka’s parents, childhood, family, and their impact on his football career.

Are Bukayo Saka’s parents Nigerians?

Adenike and Yomi Saka are from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria. They moved to England as economic migrants as they sought greener pastures.

The footballer’s parents moved to Ealing, South London, England, in the 1990s for a better financial opportunity for their family.

Saka is strongly connected to his Nigerian roots, with recent images circulating social media and news blogs of him and his grandparents in Nigeria. The wholesome pictures received lovely reactions from fans worldwide.

Is Bukayo Saka from Kwara State?

The Nigerian-London Arsenal football roots trace to Kwara State in southwest Nigeria. This proves true as he visited his grandparents in their matrimonial home at Oro, Kwara State.

His fans and some Nigerians were surprised and emotional about his root origins. They took it to the comment section, reacting differently on his visit to Lagos state.

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Bukayo means ‘adds to happiness’

Bukayo is a Yoruba name that means ‘adds to happiness,’ which matches his personality. The Nigerian English footballer has a reputation among his teammates and fans for being jolly and friendly.

Thus, he is adored by them and has a positive influence on everyone he meets and interacts with.

His parents are devout Christians.

Bukayo Saka’s parents are devout Christians and raised their children in a strong Christian family. He studied at Edward Betham Church of England Primary School in his early childhood.

The school also played a role in his football career as he played football on the school’s grounds while strengthening his faith. 

Because of his commitment to Christianity, the young Premier League footballer remains humble despite his fame and wealth.

In an interview with the British GQ about the ten things Saka can’t live without, he showcases the most important item, the Bible. 

He states that his father gifted it to him and that he reads it every day, as religion is a big part of his life.

His father is a huge inspiration to his football career

In an interview, Saka pointed out the importance of his father to his football career. He stated that he was a huge inspiration from a young age, keeping him grounded and humble while growing up.

He also recalls playing football with his father and older brother in the backyard garden when they were younger. Despite his father and brother playing it for fun, Saka was determined to make it more than that.

Adenike Saka is an accountant

Bukayo Saka’s mother, Adenike Saka, is a chartered accountant in London, United Kingdom. She studied her high school education at Mayflower Secondary School, Lagos.

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She attended university at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where she studied veterinary medicine. After moving to London in the 1990s, she pursued a diploma in accounting at the University of West London.

Adenike Saka has earned several professional certificates in accounting from the same college since her relocation to England. As of September 2022, she worked as a project accountant -SMIP at O2, a former sponsor of Arsenal. 

She has also worked on Telefonica’s Smart Metering and Implementation program in London, United Kingdom.

Little is known about Bukayo Saka’s father

Bukayo Saka’s father, Yomi Saka, is a businessman with Nigerian roots and Yoruba ethnicity. 

He lives in Harling, United Kingdom, and very little is known about him, but he greatly inspires Saka’s rising football career.

Bukayo Saka’s siblings

Bukayo Saka poses for a photo with his brother Abayomi Saka
Bukayo Saka poses for a photo with his brother Abayomi Saka. Image: Instagram/bukayosaka87

Bukayo Saka is the youngest child of two children. He has an older brother, Abayomi Saka, an aspiring footballer like his brother, who played for the English Premier League club Watford when he was a teenager.  

However, he opted to enrol in university and pursue a degree. He is currently pursuing a professional career after obtaining a degree.

Bukayo’s parents are still married

Adenike and Yomi Saka have been married since they moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Though the duration of their marriage is not specified, the two have worked together in raising their children in a loving Christian family.

Bukayo Saka’s neighbours and family friends describe them as committed Christians who loved and raised their children in a Christian home.

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Bukayo lives with his family in Hertfordshire, London, and they pray daily for his success.  


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