List of Good Morning Sports Fans presenters

The Good Morning Sports Fans program on Sky Sports News is one of the top breakfast shows to watch if you are a sports fan.

Besides the sports news and features covered during the show, you can catch up with your favorite TV personalities.

Below is a look at some of the Good Morning Sports Fans presenters you can look forward to seeing on your screens.

1. Mike Wedderburn

Mike Wedderburn talks to pupils about news and sports journalism
Mike Weddeburn. Image: X/UKScreenSkills

Mark Wedderburn is an English sports presenter. He is also a former professional cricket player for Hampshire and rugby union for Harlequins and the Wasps before an injury ended his career.

After his sports career ended, Wedderburn attended Loughborough University, where he pursued a master’s degree in Sports Science.

Later, he forged a new career in the media as a sports presenter, working for Channel 4, BBC, and ITV before moving to Sky Sports.

The English presenter has been with Sky Sports since 1998. He is one of the network’s regular male Good Morning Sports Fans presenters.

2. Pete Graves

Pete Graves  smiling during a TV presentation
Pete Graves is renowned for his eloquence in sports. Image: Facebook/Pete Graves

Pete Graves is a British Television presenter famous for his role at Sky Sports. He attended Manchester Metropolitan University, pursuing a Film and Media Studies BA.

He then began his media career as a radio commentator for Newcastle United Games before moving to Real Radio, where he worked as a sports reporter.

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Pete joined Sky Sports News in 2009 as a reporter. However, most of his time on the network has been spent as a presenter, and he is one of the regular faces of the Good Morning Sports Fans breakfast show.

3. Olivia Wayne

Olivia Wayne in a studio
Olivia Wayne is a popular football presenter at Sky Sports. Image: X/PresentersTv

Olivia Wayne is a British sports journalist and TV presenter. She attended the University of Birmingham, graduating with a degree in American and Canadian studies.

After university, she began her career in the media as a producer and presenter for a fashion production company.

Later, Olivia was hired at Sky Sports News, where she currently works as a presenter.

She is a cast of Good Morning Sports Fans and has covered top stories like the death of Muhammad Ali, the sacking of Manchester United coach Louis Van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho leaving Chelsea.

4. Tom White

 Tom White smiling  at Sky Sports News studios
Tom White started out as a runner making tea and coffee. Image: X/TheDragonWay

Tom White is a British news presenter who works with Sky Sports News. He is also famous for being a huge supporter of the English football club Sunderland.

White attended the University of Bedfordshire, where he pursued a degree in Media Performance.

After university, he landed a job at Sky Sports News, initially starting out as a runner making teas and coffee.

Today, White is one of the top Sky Sports News presenters. He is also a regular on the Good Moring Sports Fans breakfast show, where he usually covers football transfer market news.

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5. Hanna Wilkes

Hanna Wilkes when she hosted the NFL Experience at Battersea Power Station
Hanna Wilkes was previously a freelancer at talkSPORT. Image: Instagram/hannahjwilkes

Hanna Wilkes is a British sports presenter who works for Sky Sports News. She attended Loughborough University, graduating with a Communication and Media Studies degree.

After university, she briefly joined Sky Sports on a work experience program before becoming a freelance sports presenter for talkSPORT. ‘

Wilkes rejoined Sky Sports in 2013 as an assistant producer. She then worked her way up to becoming a reporter/presenter and has made a name for herself by covering netball and NFL news.

6. Chris Latchem

Chris Latchem on his debut weekend  doing sports on Sky Sports
Chris Latchem worked for BBC before joining Sky Sports. Image: Instagram/ chris.latchem

Chris Latchem is a British broadcaster, presenter, and TV host. He began his media career as an assistant producer with BBC in 2009.

He then joined BBC Radio, where he spent around 12 years as a broadcast journalist and sports presenter.

In 2023, Latchem left BBC to work as a freelance broadcaster and presenter. Since leaving BBC, he has worked with Sky Sports News several times, including as a Good Morning Sports Fans presenter.

7. Ema Patton

Ema Patton takes a picture on set outside a stadium
Ema Patton has a huge following among sports fans. Image: Instagram/missemmapaton

Ema Patton is a British sports presenter who works for Sky Sports and is one of the current presenters of Good Morning Sports Fans.

She attended Loughborough University, where she pursued a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. She then joined St Mary’s University and graduated with a master’s in sports journalism.

After college, Patton worked as a sports journalist for the BEAT Media and Sports Gazette before joining Sky Sports as an online journalist.

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She then worked her way up, becoming a sports journalist, Sub-editor, and later, a full-time presenter for Sky Sports and Sky Sports News.

8. Michael Bridge

Michael Bridge smiling during a live broadcast
Michael Bridge is one of the regulars at Sky Sports. Image: X/ michaelbridge_

Michael Bridge is a British presenter, reporter, and TV host. He attended the University of East Anglia, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

He then joined Sky Sports in 2008 and has been a regular figure for the network since then.

At Sky Sports, Bridge has presented several shows, from the Sky Sports Darts Show and the Transfer Show. He has also appeared, on several occasions, on the Good Morning Sports Fans breakfast show.

The above are some of the top Good Morning Sports Fans presenters. You can expect these men and women on your screens when getting your daily dose of sports news at Sky Sports News.



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