Can you watch Sky Sports Live in South Africa?

Nancy Marende

Sky Sports Live has all the major sports content you can imagine. It also has the best commentary and sports analysis from pundits.

Because of the quality of the content it provides, many people always want to stream Sky Sports Live from different locations. But can you watch Sky Sports Live in South Africa?

Is Sky Sports Live available in South Africa?

Unfortunately, Sky Sports and Sky Sports live streaming services are unavailable in South Africa. That is because Sky Sports has a geo-restriction on its content.

In other words, the TV broadcaster has licensing and distribution rights with specific sporting events. The rights restrict the premium service from broadcasting content outside its approved area.

Since Sky Sports is a British company, it is only available in the UK and Ireland. Noteworthy, Sky Sports and its related apps were also designed to be used at the UK subscription address.

However, specific rules allow people within the European Union to stream Sky Sports content. Those rules do not apply to other countries, including South Africa.

What are the alternatives to Sky Sports in South Africa?

South Africans have limited options for accessing the same content Sky Sports offers. But here are the alternatives.

1. SuperSport


Since you cannot access Sky Sports in South Africa, the best alternative is SuperSport.

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SuperSport has all the major sports content you can stream on Sky Sports.

The SuperSport app gives you sports news, reviews, previews, results, and fixtures. Also, the app has video highlights of most sporting events globally.

The advantage of the SuperSport app is that it is free. However, creating an account to personalise your experience with the app and get notifications is helpful.

The downside is that the SuperSport app does not bring you live matches. Instead, it will redirect you to DStv, where you must purchase a subscription to stream live games.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web

2. DStv


DStv is a digital satellite television service and the best alternative to Sky Sports in South Africa.

Since you cannot subscribe to Sky Sports in South Africa, consider subscribing to DStv for all the sporting action.

DStv has an app for streaming movies, TV shows, and sports. In addition, you can get sports through SuperSport.

The advantage is that SuperSport has many channels for watching different sports. If you love football, you can stream using the SuperSport 3 channel. 

But since it is a digital service, you require a subscription to watch DStv in South Africa. The best package that will give you all the sports content is the DStv Premium package.

DStv Premium costs R799 monthly. Once you subscribe, you can access sports anywhere in South Africa.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web

3. Showmax


Showmax is another service from Multichoice, which owns DStv and SuperSport. Although Showmax primarily has movies and TV shows, it also brings many global sports events.

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The advantage of Showmax is that you do not need a decoder. Instead, you can download the Showmax app, create an account, and start watching.

However, Showmax is a premium service. Therefore, you must subscribe to the Showmax Pro package to watch live sports.

Showmax Pro costs R299 monthly.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web

4. GOtv

GOtv. Image: Wikimedia/F5pillar

GOtv is a pay television service from Multichoice. But unlike DStv, SuperSport, and Showmax, GOtv primarily targets local programmes.

Nevertheless, GOtv offers lots of sporting content. For example, superSport channels will bring you football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and other indoor events.

You require a GOtv decoder to access the sports channels. You’ll also require a monthly subscription to use GOtv in South Africa.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web

5. StarSat


StarSat is a satellite television service from StarTimes. The service is specifically available to South Africans.

StarSat has many channels that bring you news, TV shows, and movies. You can also access football channels.

But unlike other services in South Africa, StarSat does not cover many sports events. Instead, it brings you the German Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, Serie A, and Ligue 1.

You can get sports on StarSat through the Sports+ package. This package also allows you to stream sports through the StarTimes app.

It will cost you R330 monthly to access content on StarSat.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web

6. SABC+


SABC+ is an entertainment streaming service from SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation). In addition, the service has a sports section called SABC Sports.

You can watch football, rugby, cricket, and other indoor sports on SABC+ either on the app or the web. However, if you are a football fan, SABC+ mostly covers the Bundesliga, World Cup events, CAF competitions, and South African competitions.

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SABC+ is free. However, depending on the program or channel you want to access, you may have to pay a small fee.

Available on: Android | iOS | Web


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